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Sep 28

Something To Fight For

Posted by DevilTrigger in something to fight for , apartheid , ANC


After some spring cleaning took place today, an old photo album was uncovered, dust and all. Let me first state that I love photo albums and memory boxes ( Some annoying dude on Oprah would probably tell me to let go of that stuff, but he can go shove his clutter theories up his arse, I like me some trips down memory lane dammit). This particular one was rather interesting, as it contained a host of old paper articles that my mother collected from a rather turbulent stage in her life. Without giving away too much personal information, a family member of mine was sentenced to some jail time on Robben Island for some ANC Umkhonto we Sizwe actions he partook in.

May 27

Those Racist Tendencies

Posted by thenack in thenack , south afrika , racism , racial , race , love , evolution , darwin , charles darwin , black white coloured watookal , apartheid


In this multicultural country of ours, it has become a swearword to be a racist, well not if you're black, black people can't be racist. This sentence kind of illustrates my point.....when are you actually being a racist, what does the word racist mean, does the standard definition apply to South Africa?

In the Dictionary, it is given as:

The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

May 26

Die Suidlanders: It's the 1980's all over again

Posted by ShackledMuse in uhuru , suidlanders , special assignment , south africa , right wing , racism , night of the long knives , Mandela , malema , Eugene Tereblanche , AWB , apartheid


I don't usually watch Special Assignment, but the ads got my attention. A documentary about the Suidlanders, a right wing religious group of Afrikaners. I thought, Hey, I've just written a nice heartfelt blog about why I love South Africa and why I dislike the not-so-proudly South Africans, so why not watch Special Assignment and let my blood pressure rise a little? Nothing like some good old fashioned Afrikaner racists to push my temper levels to the limit.

Apr 24

Polished Apartheid

Posted by Dissol in Inaccessibility , Blue Train , apartheid


Discrimination with style. 

Mar 25

Part of our culture Mr Malema?

Posted by sgb in culture , apartheid


Julius Malema insists he be allowed to sign his song: "Kill the farmer, kill the Boer as it is part of his culture. Even Mr Gwede Mantashe - the very serious Secretary General of the ANC -, has said we should not be so sensitive and allow people to practice their culture.

Dec 29

FNB replies to emails regarding racist policies

Posted by The Source in apartheid

The Source

FNB today send out a mass reply email to everyone who supported the Solidarity campaign to put pressure on them (FNB) regarding their racial policies surrounding the financial support to employees who earn less than R 100 00.00 per year.

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