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Sep 10

BuckyBall Birthday

Posted by thenack in thenack , Science , rooney's balls , nanoteck , buckyball , aniversary


Saaay Whaat?

In this month, where we remember the terrorist attacks of September 11, it is notable that there are some other significant things to remember. For one it is the last month that South African bloggers will be able to give their opinion, the Gestapo like deletion of accounts on neigboring blog communities have already begun. See my posts on "black Power"

Anyway, it is also the 25 th birthday of the BuckyBall. This is the nickname given to the first Carbon Sphere. It marked a significant milestone in the development of nano technology. It was named after the Geodome in Canada which was designed by a dude named  Richard Buckminster Fuller, so this new area of carbon was caled Buckminsterfullerene.
What I find totally shocking is this:
Who the hell names their child Buckminster?