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Dec 14

'Captain America' Film Music Review

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in phoenix benedict , film music , captain america , captain , audio branding , alan silvestri

Phoenix Benedict

'Captain America' - Alan Silvestri
When I was a teenager I became aquinted with Mr Silvestri's music for numerous Hollywood films in the 1990's, and haven't yet heard of John Williams though I could sing all the audio brands from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.

After a seemingly long absence from cinematic scoring Mr Silvestri has returned recently and is brining back a certain epic feel to film scoring again.

One can't deny that as film media and demographics change so too will film scoring yet the anchoring codes are best utilized by those - like Mr Silvestri - who indeed is a master craftsman.

Having said that, I do feel that the lack of an identifiable audio brand makes this score seem a bit lackluster. Yet, perhaps the Studio or the Director insisted on a purely mood-bound score as opposed to thoroughly 'narrated' scoring process.

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