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Sep 18

Ring My Bell...

Posted by Phoenix Benedict in ring my bell , Pop Sponsoring , phoenix benedict , Games , audio branding , anita ward , advertising

Phoenix Benedict

Anita Ward: ‘Ring my bell’ in Games’ audio branding

Aug 30

Viral adverts: special breed of awesome

Posted by Howie2.0 in viral adverts , tequila , social media , single ladies , online videos , marketing campaigns , interactive , heineken , entertainment , campaigns , branding , amy allais , advertising


I’m sure everyone has seen at least one marketing campaign that has gone viral, spread like wild-fire across social networking sites and other channels by the web 2.0’s baby – sharing.

Oct 07

Christian the Lion

Posted by barrmar in moving reunion , Historic lion cub video , Christian the lion , advertising


The advert is true! The Lion cub was purchased from Harrods in 1969. The buyers were distressed at him living in a small cage. They took him home and named him Christian. He soon outgrew the apartment and had to be released into the African bush where he had formed his own pride. A year later, the owners went out to look for him. He recognised them and introduced them to his wife!

Oct 07

Mnet's Primetime...too many adverts!

Posted by OS GIKEN in TV , Trevor Noah , SAVANA DRY , Nedbank , Modern Family , Mnet , Courtney Cox , Cougar Town , Cell C , Capitec , Barman Larry , advertising , ABSA


Adverts, they are by nature designed to try and sell you something you don't want, let alone need. But in the last couple of years they have become as dull as the Barman Larry jokes or the continuous ramble about banks being your best friend. Mnet takes the cake for driving advertising time through the roof. I'd love to see figures on how many adverts they show during a 30 min and 1 hour show.

Wednesday nights on Mnet is when my family watches TV, our baby is fast asleep as per her routine and mommy and daddy can spend some time looking into a tube that emits lights and somehow entertains us in the process! We watch TV on a Wednesday from around 6h30 right up and until 10pm. I know its a long stretch but this is the only time we get to watch TV together and not fight over the land claim we both put in on the remote!

But, Wednesday's are not the same anymore. A barrage of adverts ranging from banks to cars to Cell C to Savana to woman's products to food to food companies. Its so irritating that I switch over the moment an advert comes up! We've timed the series' run time as well, not because we are boring, but just because we love finding things out and speculating! During the series called Modern Family...there are about 10-15 adverts each fighting for a spot during those 30 mins. Then during Trevor Noah's show, there are a barrage of adverts more then 10 fighting for those little 30 mins we always hope would never end. The, during Cougar Town there are more than 15 adverts fighting for woman’s' attention to buy lifting cream that will make them look as good if not better then Courtney Cox. All in all its more than 35 adverts during a 1h30mins period!
Is there someone out there that actually watches adverts? Is there someone out there that actually sits through those adverts and at the end of it all say "I'd really like to lift my face and at the same time buy a 6 pack Savana and then move my money from ABSA to Nedbank or Capitec"? Is there really someone like this? How does Mnet sell this ad space? Do they cook the figures? I haven't asked anyone yet, but, am I the only person that flips the channel as soon as an advert appears? Let's say Trevor Noah gets a 100 000 views during 19h30pm and 8h00pm. That's a potential 100 000 x 2 eyes that will see the adverts, maybe more as most often  than not, more than one person watches the series' on Mnet. Is this how Mnet sells the space? Because, they should be taken to court for incorrect information! I'm pretty sure 100 000 viewers don't watch Mnet for the entire 30mins. Maybe for the 16 mins that Trevor Noah's show is actually showing, the other 15 devoted to advert space, they get up, go get a snack, go to the loo, switch over, or just simply decide to talk to the person watching the show with them and completely ignore Barman Larry's dry jokes!

I'm not for one second convinced that people actually watch adverts they've seen over and over again. And don't even get me started on the quality of the adverts, or the entertainment value of it. I've always asked myself, who in this world produced these whack adverts? There's about one or two adverts on the entire run right now, that's worth watching, I can't even remember what they are! Everything else, is just a waste of time and advertising money!

Let's not even talk about the competitions on Mnet, you get prizes for proving that you've watched Mnet and paid attention!

All in all, all the shows are entertaining, but the adverts makes the value so much more less desirable that one really can't enjoy the humor its trying to portray! Mnet, wake up, your time divided between adverts and the actual show is shocking, let's not even talk about your blatant disregard for time and schedule on your channel, 8h00pm means 8h00pm, not 8h06pm!

Sep 20

Where are the kids? Ask Google.

Posted by salambander in ontd , internet , Google , children , advertising


Once upon a time, some children were in dire need of being watched. And behold! A woman flew into their street with a magic umbrella, and offered herself as their nanny.

Jun 20

If we can advertise illegal online gambling, does that mean we can advertise illegal drugs?

Posted by barrmar in Online gambling , Illegal products , drugs , advertising


Investec recently sent a letter to all its Private Bank clients stating that it would not honour online gambling transactions because these are illegal. A win from an offshore casino would be reported to the authorities and the confiscated winnings handed over. 

Jun 17

Apple: Taking over the world, one iAd at a time

Posted by ShackledMuse in Unilever , Steve Jobs , iTouch , ipad , iAd , Google , Apple , advertising


A follow up of my previous article, Growing rivalry between Google and Apple.

The iAd campaign is set to launch on the 1st of July, and Apple has already made more than $50 million from it. 


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