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Dec 02

A noob's view: YouTube's new look

Posted by Megg_Ellis in YouTube , megg_ellis , Megan Ellis


Hello fellow myDLers

Dec 01

My tech year in review: The highlights and low-lights

Posted by Jawellnofine in YouTube , technology , rape , opinion , murder , ipad , Facebook , Digital , blackberry


Sep 16

Youtube allows you to edit videos

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , white , picnik , jason toff , footage , final cut pro , filters , edit video , cartoon , black , adobe premiere


Tired of using complicated software and applications to edit your videos for Youtube?  Now there’s a new way to edit your videos fast and efficiently. Youtube has created a video edit feature  that allows users to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips directly on the site without needing to re-upload footage.

Aug 11

How to make a custom background for your Twitter page

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , customise , background


So after my last post on creating a custom background for my YouTube channel, I thought it would be definitely cool to get it done for Twitter.

Even though both YouTube and Twitter pages look similar and if you had to upload your YouTube background we made before, you will see that it's totally off. And to figure out how to design your custom background, you have to resize your browser to see if the background changes in any way.

So I uploaded my YouTube background to my Twitter page but it's too much to the left. So when I resized the browser window to the left to make it narrower, the background stayed still but the Twitter body moved to the left. And when you move it to the right, the Twitter body moves right.
So what can we do with that information?

We can make a custom background with our main images placed on the top left corner and try to keep important images away from the right, reason? Well we don't know how big or small our viewers browser windows are opened and if it's on the left, the viewer will still see it regardless how big or small their windows are opened.

But which screen size should we use?

We should use the most common one 1280 x 1024


1. Download the psd file of the Twitter template here. If you look in the layers panel, you should see a folder called Templates and you will see the most common screen sizes listed. Make sure the 1280 x 1024 is not hidden and all others are.

Aug 02

Who monitors Social Media?

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , Twitter , social mention , social media expert , socail media user , socail media newbie , how sociable , Google , friendfeed , Facebook , digg


As a Social Media User like many others I would be happy to share content, such as information, pictures, and data through a network with similar minded people in order to develop and grow. On the other hand, a Social Media Enthusiast will try to be in as many networking sites as possible to share his content, most of the time the same content.

Aug 01

How to Customise your YouTube's Channels Background

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Twitter , photoshop , mydigitallife , gimp , Facebook , diigo , custom , channel , background


I've noticed that a lot of South African Youtube Channels (Including my personal channel) are not customized as it should be. Look below images for before and after on my channel.

May 31

Old People and Technology

Posted by the_merchant in YouTube , Twitter , technology , Social Networking , internet , Facebook



May 17

Google Music: the pisher for now

Posted by Mobile Kugel in YouTube , us , united states , streaming , south africa , music library , music beta , MP3 , iTunes , internet connection , google music , Google , Dropbox , Data , Cloud , blackberry , android , amazon cloud player , 8Ta

Mobile Kugel

Doll, just when you thought Google had enough control over pretty much everything, the macher’s have to bring out Google Music.

May 04

People turn to social media for news

Posted by Nasreen in YouTube , Twitter , tweets , ten haken , Social networks , social media platform , social media , osama bin laden , Facebook , Barack Obama , al qaeda


The news of Osama Bin Laden's death broke out to millions on Sunday 1st May at 11:45 ET with the help of twitter, facebook  and youtube, where most people found out through the social networking sites than on actual tv and radio.

Mar 18

The best way to download YouTube videos on Mac

Posted by msbodetti in YouTube , Video , iskysoft


I don't know about you guys but I find myself wanting to download YouTube videos (mostly those really cool Music videos like the new Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - On the Floor) Or just get that really funny video that just makes you laugh like the Baby Panda sneezing.

A lot of things changes from Windows to Mac, the main change is the type of software or programs you can install for it. On Windows I used AnyVideo Converter to download and convert the video to popular formats such as mp4 or mp3. I kept on doing research and started using different search engines to get the best App to get YouTube videos for Mac.

Yes I know that you can go to various websites where it can do it for you, but those sites are useless. They have restrictions to download VEVO videos and sometimes those sites are down so getting a standalone App will be the best option.

Unfortunately I have not come across a reliable App that does the downloading and converting of the video at once. But this App is worth getting if it means downloading any video on YouTube with out any restrictions. The iSkysoft Free video downloader and you can also get the iSkysoft Media converter from them as well. These Apps are reliable,  as I have already downloaded and converted 30 YouTube videos in a matter of 2 hours.

What do you need

1. Firstly you need to have a Mac :) with OS X 10.5 and up
2. Download the Free Video Downloader from iSkysoft here. Unfortunately it is not available for Windows as yet but it might be in future. You can also buy their iTube Studio for Mac and download videos from other sites such as Facebook, Metacafe etc.
3. And optional get a Media Converter to convert the YouTube videos to other formats.

How to get the YouTube videos

1. Download and Install the Free Video Downloader from iSkysoft.

2. Open up Safari and type in Start searching for videos that you want. Once the video has loaded, move your pointer on the video and a grey Download button will appear on the top left corner of the video frame. This does not work in FireFox or any other browser atm.

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