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Dec 11

VGA 2011

Posted by Pippen in zelda , xbox 360 , Xbox , videogame , video game awards , VGA2011 , VGA , uncharted , skyrim , rpg , PS3 , PS , portal , pc , nba , multiplayer , modern warfare , mobile , minecraft , mario , Games , forza , fighting , driving , download , call of duty , batman , bastion , awards , arkham


Dec 08

Play PS and Xbox games on the iPad... WHAT???

Posted by Pippen in Xbox , streaming , Steam , psp , PS3 , PS , Portable , ipad , Games , console , app


Yes, it is true! And apparently its fast...

Dec 05

The Forza is with them!

Posted by automatix in Xbox , Simulator , simulation , review , racing , motorsport , Game , forza , 360


Since my very brief review of Skyrim seemed to illicit a reasonable response, I figured I might as well fuel the gaming fire, by submitting my take on the best racing game ever made. Oh, sorry, I was meant to save that for the closing paragraph, but I've never been very good at this writing thing.

Aug 09

Who needs a controller when you have limbs?

Posted by fastforward in xbox 360 , Xbox , Wii , video games , TV , sony , playstation move , playstation , nintendo , motion , microsoft , Kinect , Gaming , Games , facial recognition , Control


Jul 05

Whoops, Gears of War 3 has leaked online!

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , news , Info Security , Gears of War 3


Jun 30

Gears of War 3 hype heating up

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , Vault , Gears of War 3 , Gaming


Epic studios, the developers of Gears of War 3, are taking full advantage of the excitement (and hype) that is growing around the new Gears of War game.

May 19

True or False Microsoft replacing some Xbox 360

Posted by Doolally in Xbox , microsoft


This may be good news for some but I am not sure how true it is. Apparently in preparation for its new discs Microsoft is replacing old Xbox 360 with new XBOX 360s, now who gets these new Xbox’s? Well apparently Microsoft sent emails to the owners of the incompatible XBOX360 and these lucky buggers get a year of Xbox live gold. Hmm I am wondering if this is not another exploitation scheme or if it just may be for real.

Oct 28

Game review: Dead Rising 2

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , review , Games , Dead Rising 2


“Ok kids, sit down. Today we have to talk about a very serious subject – zombie holocaust.”

Sep 28

Telling: Super Street Fighter IV

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , Super Street Fighter 4 , review , Games , Chess with Dragon punches


Super Street Fighter Logo

Sep 10

Game review: MotoGP 09/10

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , MotoGP 09/10 , Game review


Game review: MotoGP 09/10

MotoGP 09 / 10 is the latest installment in the MotoGP franchise from Capcom. It's a
superbike racing game and not too bad but if you are not a fan of super bike racing this will probably not be the game to convert you to racing games.

start the game as a rider in the 125cc class. Once you master the 125cc class and end up as the top rider for the season you unlock the higher 250cc class. The ultimate goal is to keep going until you win a season in the MotoGP class. It is not very hard but it is going to be time consuming since there are a lot of races every season.

To help you get started there is 'The Voice'. The Voice is a Scottish sounding dude that gives you some instructions and tutors you on how to use your bike. His clear instructions are helpful and you soon you will have the hang of driving. This is when he should have shut up but unfortunately keeps on going. He says the same thing over and over: "If you want to be better, try harder" or "You did great" as you finish last in the race. He is not tutoring you anymore, he is just mocking you for his personal amusement. Luckily you can turn his volume down on the sound menu.

Another sound you will soon kill on the sound menu is the music. MotoGP 09/10 boast the worst soundtrack for a game, ever. It is horrible. Lots of dudes singing in falsetto and some terrible techno tunes, it reminds me of the stuff they listened to in Train Spotting. To fully appreciate this soundtrack you must be a Scottish heroin addict. Hey! Come to think of it…

That's the problem with The Voice! The bastard has been high as a kite the whole time! No wonder he stops making sense after a while.
I could go on to tell you about the Arcade Mode and the Time Trial mode but I am not gonna. You are not going to get this game anyway. Just give this one a skip.

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