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Mar 07

FIFA World Cup - the Cash Cow (for some).

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Jun 24

Ambush Marketing - FIFA shooting itself in the head

Posted by The Organ Harvester in World Cup 2010 , FIFA , Budweiser , Bavaria Beer , Ambush Marketing

The Organ Harvester


Jun 22

South Africa out of the contest

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , South Africa Wins , benefits of World Cup hosting , Bafana Bafana out


South Africa managed an impressive performance this afternoon beating France by two goals to one. There should have been a lot more goals, but Bafana Bafana failed to fully exploit the weakness displayed by France in the first half. 

Jun 18

Another World Cup upset

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , Soccer , Germany Serbia


Germany have lost to Serbia in today's match in Nelson Mandela Bay. Playing an exciting game, the Serbians managed to hold onto their 1st half lead. Germany's best chance to equalise came when a hand-ball gave it a penalty that was ably saved by the Serbian goal-keeper. 

Jun 18

Bafana Bafana can still get through ...

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , south africa , France , bafana bafana


The opening round of the World Cup is a round robin. 1 point is awarded for a draw, 3 points for a win, nothing for a loss. So far, Uruguay and Mexico have 4 points each, South Africa and France 1 point each. 

Jun 13

It isn't only the Gees, we are being treated to stunning football ..

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , Great performances , Germany , Disappointments , Australia


This evening I found myself envying the foreigners that seem to be filling every empty space all over South Africa. They are free from having to share their World Cup experience with work! 

Jun 11

Bafana Bafana to field 48 million vs Mexico no contest

Posted by MikeZilla in World Cup 2010 , world cup , Soccer , bafana bafana


Afrigator image I was having a look around the net this morning and the only thing I know for sure is that no one knows who’s going to win this world cup. No one knows how many goals will be scored. No one knows who’ll be the top scorer (Kinda like top blogger but  for fit people) No one know who the shock first round exit will be (there’s always one) No one knows anything.

Jun 10

Digital Explosion World Cup 2010

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May 28

Gautrain progress is clearly visible

Posted by DBS in World Cup 2010 , rosebank , Gautrain


Many people doubted that this project would get off the ground and for many months now we in Johannesburg have put up with it's inconveniences. Today driving to work I saw major progress. Oxford Road in Rosebank has been operating on a oneway system while the station was constructed. the left hand side of the road has been flanked by steel construction awnings of drab grey colour. They have now started to take these down revealing the filled in hole that is now a station. It will not be long now before the road is back and returned to the hum of Johannesburg Traffic.
At many sites on the route the progress is rapid with changes visible on a daily basis. It is exciting to see a project coming together.
The trains are running and I have often seen them near Marlboro station from the N3 freeway.
On Wednesday I had a mail from the project office detailing the price for the train effective 8th June when the train will be available on the Airport to Sandton Link.
It will be R100 one way. This maybe shock horror to sme people but for an overseas visitor from the UK he will be laughing at paying only 7 pounds for the trip to Sandton. An Airport taxi charges about R500 for the same trip and it takes an hour in rush hour if you are lucky.
Many said we could not do lots of things from democratic elections, to building stadia to revising transport infrastructure. Wrong Guys! we do do it and do it well!

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