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Feb 23

Did EWN Make a digital slip up ?

Posted by DBS in Wine , spirits , ewn , cigarettes , Budget 2011 , beer


Since its inception I have subscribed to the Eye Witness News Breaking news alerts.
Today being budget day I expected that I would be receiving the pertinant details of the Minister's speech and I was not disappointed.

However I listened to the speech this year and as usual the minister covered in the first half of the speech how he was going to spend the money including relief measures. The second part which started at around 2:40 pm centered on how he was going to get the money to pay for the expenditure and it was some time after that he indicated that the SIN taxes would be increased.
No surprise there except that I had an SMS from EWN at 2:32 with the details as follows:
death sticks up 80c a pack beer up 6c a 340ml, wine up 13c a bottle and spirits R2.86 a bottle.
Now I know that the speech is given to journalists under an embargo so the details would have already been know but sending the details out by SMS before the words are out of his mouth must surely be breaking the embargo?

Oct 12

Ubuntu's failure

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Wine , ubuntu , Open Office , MS Office , microsoft , Linux

The Organ Harvester

I don't think you can call it Ubuntu's failure but @#$% 'em! I'm going to anyway. Open Office for all its functional beauty and it being free loses points in one regard.

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