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Nov 25

The return of the noob: Cleverbot, MSI and Windows 7

Posted by Megg_Ellis in Windows , msi , megg_ellis , Megan Ellis , cleverbot


Hello fellow myDLers (think I'll stick with this name)

Oct 19

iOS 5: Alternative way to get it and Jailbreak (Tethered; Any baseband)

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , snowbreeze , redsnow , Mac , iTunes , iPod , iPhone , ipad , ios 5 , Apple


After my last post on the live blog stream of the "Let's talk iPhone" I haven't really had a chance downloading and updating my iPhone to iOS 5.

What really bugged me was the headlines of Apple's servers not being sufficient for the update. Well lets see… Steve passed away (R.I.P), this was a real revelation for the iOS and they were releasing a new iPhone on Friday so obviously it would be swamped. 

Jun 07

iTunes 10.3 is ready for iOS 5 and iCloud

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , Windows , Mac , iTunes , Apple


Just a few hours ago, Apple made iTunes 10.3 available for downloading. Which you can find here. I have done a Software Update check but it's not showing the new iTunes so I downloaded it and installed it manually.

May 12

Ubuntu Linux right up there!

Posted by irfaan46 in workspace , Windows , version , update , uk , ubuntu , System , south , shuttleworth , review , OS , operating , mzansi , mark , Linux , kernel , good , free , distribution , computer , canonical , africa , 11.04


May 08

Microsoft is letting you Do The Math: Mac vs PC

Posted by msbodetti in Windows , microsoft , mac vs pc , Mac , Apple


Apr 30

Goodbye Open-Source

Posted by Faheemazizm in Windows , OS , Open-Source , Linux , IOS , android


When I was younger, the idea of Open-Source and free intrigued me, however after much usage and exposure, the truth is, while the idea just like Communism stands for the greated good and better of man, in practice it fails, it fails so bad.

Mar 17

Automatic Installation of your favourite apps

Posted by naeemcoza in Windows , ninite , Linux , gtd , applications


Being the go-to IT geek in our automotive business means every few  weeks some genius on our sales floor will take it upon himself to destroy their workstations.  Either by watering it down with flat Pepsi or by simply using it as a foot tapping device.

Mar 02

iPad 2 - Not just a pretty face

Posted by RIC007GP in Windows , Web OS , iPad 2 , Apple , android



Dec 31

Going over to the DOS side...

Posted by salambander in windows 7 home basic , Windows 7 , Windows , Virtual Box , upgrades , ubuntu , tweak , software , Skin , laptops , inspiron n5010 , inspiron , desktop , dell


After many, many, MANY years of proudly using Ubuntu, I have gone over to the dark side. As of Christmas day, 2010, I am a Windows 7 user.

Oct 06

Will These Replace The Laptop?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , Steve Jobs , Speed , Space , Samsung , RIM , RAM , PlayBook , phone , pc , OS , notebook , Netbook , laptop , ipad , interface , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple , Achilles


They’ve given it different names, yet it still looks the same. From laptop, to notebook to netbook…who knows what the differences are? Some will quote you the differences off hand, some will swear there is a noticeable difference, but honestly…there is no difference, its something that’s not stationary, you can carry it around and work on it no matter where you are! Now, it’s no more a phone war. Microsoft dabbled in phones to steal some of Apple’s market share, and then Steve became blatantly upset, and vented like any self respecting man would. Now, everyone is tossing his supposed salad!

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