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Aug 15

Technology - the Good, the Bad & the Really Ugly

Posted by Dissol in Web 2.0 , Twitter , London Riots , Facebook , Arab Spring


So I have posted several times recently on the same topic - on how technology, especially Web 2.0, Facebook & Twitter have been instrumental in the "Arab Spring". The World has been able to witness the brutality of several theocratic dictatorships, and how they try to suppress the Freedom of Expression. It has been remarkable to be able to track these in "real time", and even to interract with people on the ground. It enables us to circumvent the bias of different media outlets (although I still highly rate both the BBC & Al Jazeera very highly). That is the good.

Jul 11

Web 2.0 & World Peace

Posted by Dissol in Work Peace , Web 2.0 , NYT , Mesh Networks , Facebook


Mar 01

How to help Democracy, and avoid bloodshed

Posted by Dissol in Web 2.0 , Twitter , Libya , Egypt , Democracy , Avaaz



Feb 20

Civil Unrest...and how Web 2.0 can help Democracy

Posted by Dissol in Yemen , Web 2.0 , Twitter , Tunisia , pakistan , Libya , Egypt , Civil Unrest , Bahrain



Feb 13

More Amazing (Web 2.0) Advances

Posted by Dissol in Web 2.0 , UCLA , Twitter , Hypercities , Egypt , Cairo



Jan 25

Frustrated finding a [mobile] contract

Posted by Jas in web design , Web 2.0 , Web , Vodacom , UI , SEO , MTN , mobile , Contract , Cell C , bad web design


So I'm trying to go onto a contract through Vodacom, but I just can't seem to find anything that I really want to find out. Not from their Website, not from other company websites... And I am not the kind of person that feels he should have to waste his time going into a store in order to find out this kind of information (not with the Internet at my command!) I know I want to go for a BlackBerry Torch, and I know I want a contract that includes the "free" Internet that has helped popularise the BlackBerry-line of phones.

However, looking at the Vodacom Website (an abomination of the Web if you ask me - they seem to be going backwards in their design and ability to give out information - requiring you to click through pages and pages of utter waft where they could clearly have presented all the information on a single page), they don't provide a pure distinction between the different packages that you get with BlackBerry. Heck, all I could really find was info about the Talk 100 (S) - but on another site (Elite Mobile) they talk about the BlackBerry Talk 100 Bis (The Bis meaning? Business Internet Solution? Clarify please! I had to find out the acronym on MTN's website - yes Vodacom, you lead me directly to your competition from your crappy website because you can't fathom that you might actually need to explain things to your prospective clients).

I'm starting to wonder if it's even worth my time?

For instance, have a look at this page:,BlackBerry+9800+-+Talk+120+S

They have a pic of the phone; they have a hyperlink leading to the phone specifications... But why not provide all that info on the same page? Hello! This is the Internet 101! It makes Vodacom's Web team look like its being run by a bunch of monkeys who have no idea about the Web itself, let alone how to construct information in a clear, concise manner! Don't just show me a picture of the phone (I would use Google Image search if I really wanted to see it), give me details about the package, about what I get in the package (there's not even a hyperlink to it - so now I have to spend my time searching their anal retentive website that is dysfunctional at the best of times just to find out that it doesn't really tell me about the "free" Internet that I want from the phone contract!), what I don't get... Is it really that difficult, Vodacom?

I would seriously enjoy getting feedback from Vodacom about their ridiculous Website. Who's in charge in controlling the content, and why the hell are they still hired by the company? It clearly doesn't provide a very good "front" for the company... Hello! We're in the era of Web 2.0 - not designs that belonged in the 90's... Information at your finger tips? More like endless reams of absolute $#*% that leads you in circles (yes you dim wits, you are getting such good "ratings" on your web count from me because I can't find anything on your site). Grrr... It frustrates me to the point where I actually want to go out and scream at somebody (and I'm not an agressive man!).

You would think, that in this day and age of the Internet and web technologies around, that these companies would introduce, you know, a way of customising your package completely. By customise, I mean select your package, your free minutes, your SMS bundle, your data bundle - configuring the entire package to your liking. Since it’s all controlled by computer(s) anyways, the whole recording of the package information and implementing it from the billing perspective should be fairly trivial. Perhaps I should patent the idea - while I'm throwing it out there, freely, for you to implement yourself...

Well, enough of my rant! I'm going to head outside for a breath of fresh air, and hope that by the time I get back to my machine, I will be a little less irked!

Jul 08

The Power Of Dissol's Blog

Posted by Dissol in Web 2.0 , Minster of Finance , internet , FIFA tickets


Clearly this is another example of the power of the Internet, Web 2.0, or more specifically Dissol's blog!! 
As has been shown many times in the past, I merely have to mention something here, and world leaders, pick up on my sensible advice, and act according to my instructions!  This has been shown time and time again, beginning with me advising the US population to get rid of their hopeless last president, Shrub.  Thankfully, the whole, (or at least half) the population of the USA reads my blog (I wonder why that is not reflected on my hits??!).

So in my last post, I commented on the worrying number of civil servants, and members of parastatals who were filling the different FIFA stadia, using tax payers money to purchase the seats.  So no sooner had I posted this, than the Minister of Finace Pravin Gordhan called a meeting with the Auditor-General and the chairman of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) to discuss the issue of world cup ticket purchases by government departments, public enterprises, and municipalities.  This is excellent news, thank you Minister for reading my blog, and taking the appropriate actions.  I shall expect a full report from you, when you have finished your investigation.

Jul 07

Why Some Are Driven To Commit Social Media Suicide

Posted by redsaid in Web 2.0 Suicide Machine , Web 2.0 , Twitter , teenage angst , photos , Paris Hilton , Myspace , myDL blogs , high school , Facebook , Dr. Kevorkian , Deleting Web 2.0 accounts , Cheekbones , bikini


Sometimes social media Web sites can make you relive high school all over again. And I don’t just mean it in the way that it allows you to reconnect with some of those long-lost friends and acquaintances from back then.

May 12

FireFox 4 Preview!

Posted by OS GIKEN in ZDNet , Web 2.0 , IE9 , IE8 , HTML5 , HTML5 , google chrome , Google , Firefox , Fire Fox 4 , Chrome , Browser speeds , Browser , Add Ons


I've just read the FF4 preview and some slides with the plans and future of the much loved FireFox browser. Like all their projects, it’s open to any interested parties, and as always, it never really disappoints.
Speed demon:

Some highlights of the preview will have to be the relentless chasing after speed, the internet is filled with information, to get through that information is vitally important, and to get through it quick is more important. Searching or surfing the net has always been associated with doing it fast, pages must load quickly, evenly and eventually it must not load at all, it must appear like a book's page!
With the FF4 it’s no different, the speed hunt continues!

Results of current browsers
Results of Current Browser speeds - FF4 has to catch up - but look at IE8...and the bar is grey as well!

Add ons:

Like all other new browsers, IE8/9 and Opera etc, the hunt for Add Ons to personalize your internet experience is no different to the proposed new FF. More Add Ons means a richer user experience and a more personalized surf session. But for most people, I think it boils down to speed again, by making it personal, you don't have to retype your passwords each and every time you go visit FaceBook, you don't have to retype your favorite website every time...personalization to this extent goes miles in speeding up the initial loading and accessing process that leads to the surfing session being enjoyed. So much so, that you even forget about the surfing session at all, to where you actually come to expect every page to be instant!


FireFox has always been different with its look and feel, different from Microsoft's dull grey even up and until the IE8 they are adamant with the color. This new FF adopts an Opera-like see through effect, they call it the Glass the frames it looks cool, fresh and looks like a place you'd want to spend hours on!


Like previous FF's it has to be said that it get's the job done, people or users don't really care what browser they are using, loyalty in this regard leans toward the browser with the best performance, in other words, speed! Most of the time our browsing sessions are meant to be quick, we need to content to appear as quick as possible. With so many features added (Ad Ons) to browsers nowadays one would mistake it for focusing too much on the personalization of the browsing session rather than the session's intent, to view pictures, to view videos, to read, to write, etc. I have no issue with Ad Ons, as I believe they make all these "intentions" quicker, faster, more easier, it makes the browsing session much more efficient!

FF logo


With Google's Chrome being accused of "spying" on the users of the browser with their relentless suggestions and feedback, it is said that they, Google, somehow monitor your session and then spam you with countless suggestions of what you'd like to view based on your viewing history. I've tested this to the maximum with IE8 and all, I repeat all its suggestions are wrong! People are somehow worrying about the security aspect of all this functionality and Ad Ons being supported by the browser...


With the advent of this new standard being adopted all over the interweb nowadays, Web 2.0 has spurred on its worldwide adoption. Developers will focus on HTML5 with the build of the new FF making sure it adopts Web 2.0 forced video and text editing, photo editing etc. Especially with the supposed security risk Flash poses - how true this is stands for another debate.

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