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Jun 12

New features found in iOS 5 builds

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , iPhone , ios5 , Apple


I've been following up from the Jailbreaking community on new updates found in the iOS 5 builds. As you know the Apple Jailbreaking community is filled with developers and technicians, so this is why I have been keeping up with them.

Speech recognition

Apple has teamed up with Nuance, the well known company that enhances Speech technologies. @ChronicWire uploaded screen shots of the Nuance integration which you can find below. As you can see it gives you advanced options to choose as well as other features that will be useful such as Emoji keyboard to be everywhere, Mic on space key which lets users choose the option of enabling speech to text right on your keyboard.

Jun 08

iOS 5 hands on - iPhone 4 - This is my next

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , iPhone , ios 5 , Apple


Another video update from This is my next people! I apologise to Charmed, I didn't give my input on the new iOS 5. So here it is:

Jun 07

iTunes 10.3 is ready for iOS 5 and iCloud

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , Windows , Mac , iTunes , Apple


Just a few hours ago, Apple made iTunes 10.3 available for downloading. Which you can find here. I have done a Software Update check but it's not showing the new iTunes so I downloaded it and installed it manually.

Jun 01

Confirmed: Apple will be releasing it's iCloud service 6 June 2011

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , spotify , mac os x lion , ios5 , icloud , Dropbox , Apple


It has been confirmed that Apple will be releasing it's iCloud service this month. The WWDC this year looks like it will be mostly around the Software updates and enhancements for Apple as well as their music streaming service which is apparently going to be big as Spotify if not even greater than.

With the absence of Steve Jobs these last 2 moths, it will be no surprise if he turns up to unveil the iCloud service together with the Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5.

Mar 30

Mac OS X Lion nearing "Golden Master". Rumor to release at WWDC

Posted by msbodetti in WWDC , TechCrunch , OS X Lion , Mac , Apple


A post by MG Siegler on TechCrunch has made speculation that that the next update for the OS X Lion for developers is going to be a "GM1" update which means it is a Golden Master (in other words the OS is completed) But this is only the Golden Master candidate which means that it could happen to be uncompleted with further testing.

This is now a month after developers received the preview or beta version of OS X Lion. With further testing from developers Apple was able to fix any minor bugs or issues that's why the Golden Master update is in the loom.
When Snow Leopard's official release to the public, it was just a few weeks before the GM for Snow Leopard was released. So if everything goes well with the GM for OS X Lion, it could very well be the same. Or it could land up being released at Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)

The WWDC will be held on the 6th June this year. Can't wait to hear the news on the GM, will try make an update for any news in further posts.


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