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May 06

Brandsocial - Get Paid

Posted by Zircon in Vote , reward , paid , opinion , brandsocial , blog


Sooo, I stumble past this page, info posted by one of my Facebook friends.  The value of brands are entering a complete different dimension - this is crowd sourcing in action ... well done to the guys who ran with this initiative.  Am going to share it with you guys, as everyone would like to make a buck or two - right?

Here is an extract:

"So, what’s Brandsocial all about? Brandsocial is your revenue-generating brand opinion voice! By giving you an interactive social media platform Brandsocial asks and listens to your opinions, gets your feedback, better understands you – your opinions, needs and desires – and pays you for this participation. Leading South African brands understand your value, and will reward you for it through their partnership with Brandsocial.

Apr 08

Voting time

Posted by masilo in voting , Vote


Now we see the best of both,some are blaming others,some says they will deliver better than others,some say this and that because the time has arrive.
Most of the country man are not happy about people who talk without wieghing their word.Since we have the power to put some head of the state to office,we have to use this power to choose our candidites very careful so that when they turn thier back to us(of which they normally do)we mustn't destroy our beloved country.
Going to the street burning tiyers and destroying properties is not the solution. If we are not happy about the administration we have to go to ther street but please let us not destroy our surrounding because we still have a long way to go.
South Africa is blessed country with lot of oppotunities where every one is free to live in harmony,please let us keep our country clean and free from what is brewing now.

Sep 06

Rock The Vote

Posted by redsaid in zimbabwe , Vote , , mydigitallife , Election , Charmed , Best Science and Technology Blog , 2010 South African Blog Awards


Yo, Saffas! Did you know that there is currently an important local election going on? But don't worry, you foreigners who live here, you don't have to be a holder of the (worthless) green passport to be able to vote in this particular election. In fact, you don't even have to live in South Africa or ever have set your foot on our fair shores as a visitor to cast your vote.

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