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Jun 01

Recording yourself – Part 3

Posted by Llama in USB , Pre-amps , Portable recording , PCI cards , pc , notebook , Netbook , laptop , Home recording studio , FireWire , Computer recording


Jun 01

Recording yourself - An introduction

Posted by Llama in USB , Sound proofing , Sound Deadening , Recording rooms , Microphones , Intruments , Home studio , Home recording , FireWire , Converters


Mar 03

The uselessestest gadget EVER!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Useless Gadgets , USB , MP3 , Facebook , Camera phone , Adidas


I have tons of useless gadgets, and so do you. You just didn't dig deep enough to really fully understand just how useless your supposed great gadget is! In this blog, I'll explain to you why most gadgets we have are actually useless!

If I buy a burger, I expect it to do what a burger must have the usual patty and buns, and then some tomato, some cheese, some mayo, some garlic, whatever you would want on the burger. Now, if I was to get a burger without the patty, but instead a block of ice instead of the that still considered a burger, or a useless burger?

Using that simple analogy, we can now move on to more fitting descriptions and assumptions about my gadgets and their useless existence.

The most useless gadget ever:

That USB mp3 player that you plug into your car's cigarette lighter...its so useless, they even sell it at the intersections! Anything sold at the intersections by a foreigner is known no to fulfill its intended purpose. Its still in its original package, opened once, looked at, frowned upon, then placed back into its original package - and was left on the rear seat for 3 months, then I finally took it out and now it resides far behind the fridge, no seriously, it's behind the fridge that's how useless it is!

Adidas digital wrist watch - R150, R30 off:

I bought an Adidas wrist watch a month ago, and when the foreigner sold it to me he gave me R30 off, it looked like it could cost R2500, everyone who've seen the watch asks how much it cost and how nice it is, because it really looks like the real deal. But - it has an alarm that cannot be set, and guess what? The alarm goes off every 2ncd Thursday morning at 4am...yes, 4am! I've had all my friends try and set it, but the buttons does not go to the alarm setting, its there on the face of the watch, the option is there, but upon pressing the button, it just skips the alarm option!
In my opinion, that's a useless gadget.

2 mega pixel camera's in phones:

On your phone, which serves its purpose, you also have the luxury of a 2 mega pixel camera with, wait for it...zoom functionality! What is the purpose of the camera if you can't really ever take the pictures you want to take? Let me repeat that...want to take. Not the normal ones like oh, look at dog and the cow getting busy, let's take a pic and post it on Facebook. No, in that picture you don't need detail, but what if you want to take a picture about the moon and the stars? Its that simple rule of going big or going home...Why put in the functionality of a camera and not taking into account the fact that people will want to take pictures with the camera, because let's be honest - a 2 mega pixel camera is for those moments when you don't want or need to take a picture!

That right there...yep, useless gadget!

OS over and out - these 3 gadgets in my opinion, are the most useless gadgets you can find in your possession. They don't fulfill the intended, or copied purpose, they do it halfway...They are useless in all existence, replacing it will be beneficial, but think about it like this; these identified gadgets were once brilliant. Now we have phones with 11 mega pixel camera's, a couple years ago a 1 mega pixel camera was something to write home a couple year time the 11 mega pixel camera will be the bud of jokes in useless gadget blogs like this one.

Feb 08

There goes the digital entertainmenthood

Posted by The Source in xp , western , USB , pc , microsoft , external , drivers , Digital

The Source

Over the weekend we had  a little USB trouble on our home PC.

Feb 03

Go Green AND Stay Home

Posted by thenack in USB , money , greenhouse , gizmo , gadget


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