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Jan 15

Malema versus Domestic Workers

Posted by Jawellnofine in USA , united nations , Shakespeare , SANRAL , President Zuma , politics , opinion , Modimolle Monster , Mayan Calendar , malema , iran , end of the world , e-tolling


May 17

US Government under attack?

Posted by phANT1m in USA , tinkode , sli1nk , pentagon , nsa , nasa , ESA , dod , cyber security , cia


So as the title poses the question is the USA under attack? Well they are under attack at all times but it seems that attackers have managed to leak through on several fronts.

Jan 20

The land of the free

Posted by Jayo in USA , New York , Manhattan , JFK , America


Okay, so my family & I were on holiday in the USA last year & I promised to relate my experiences on myDL. This is the first of a series on our escapades in the States. This blog will focus on our first day in NY. Here goes!

Sep 13

Robot Liars

Posted by salambander in USA , technology , robots , military , mad science


Some Mad American Scientists have developed algorithms that allow a robot to decide whether it should tell someone the truth or not. They plan to use these in military operations, ie "Robot leaves a false trail and hides itself" and so on. The US military's technology has had huge impacts on the world. They did invent the internet, after all. So, it's just a matter of time before these robotic liars become commonplace, scurrying around, lying to people.

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