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Dec 06

Telkom, or how a good idea goes bad.

Posted by sgb in Telkom , media , adsl


Some people always seem to get it wrong, even when they have the best intentions in the world.

May 17

I Cell C For Myself

Posted by redsaid in Vodacom 3G , Telkom , Stuck On EDGE , RICA , PCMCIA cards , Mazda 323 , Maserati , IRC , internet , Grand Prix , GPRS , Fast Web Surfing In South Africa , Cell C Whoosh Promotion , adsl


Some girls like fast cars. I’m not one of them.

Apr 13

Broadband - what we pay for?

Posted by Jas in Telkom , ripped off , internet , Computing , Broadband


I was reading this article on TechCentral titled: Telkom: 'we're not expensive' and thought I would do my own little investigation into the price of broadband overseas...

Mar 01

Oh Neotel.. How did it all go so wrong..?

Posted by Omlette in Telkom , neotel


Neotel, I had such great hopes for you, how did it all go so completely and utterly pearshaped?

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