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May 04

Getting fired and the Politics of Social Media

Posted by Khatija in wordpress , tumblr , the sowetan , technology , south africa , Sources , social media policy , privacy , plagiarism , organisational guidelines , offensive language , IBM , fired for blogging , facts , development , cynthia vongai , crhis rovny , blogosphere , bloggers , accountability


Apr 06

Nuclear re-visited, (or why you should always check your information)

Posted by Dissol in validity , Sources , Nuclear , Monbiot , internet , information


Trawling the internet, as I have a wont to do (this is what comes of not being able to sit through a film, when the family want to go to the (inaccessible, anyway) cinema. I remain at home, and find amazing/amusing/downright boring stories. There are stories each day to be had on the internet, and it does spread the availability of reading material. I am often surprised how few people use the net in this way.

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