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Oct 15

Hawking and Science too cool for above average Joe!

Posted by OS GIKEN in Universe , String Theory , Stephen Hawking , Something , Science , Nothing , Einstein


I love science, my last recollection of dealing with it was making a stink bomb in grade 8 and then we were caught dropping it in the assembly hall on a Monday morning, needless to say, I never did science again. I'm always open to any theory out there, and 10 mins into listening to how the theory works, I shake my head and laugh at the sheer lunacy these scientists portray! But, most people always reply with a..."you're too stupid to understand" regurgitated sentence that frankly makes them stupid. The best teachers I think can teach a dog about calculus...using this theory of mine, we can assume, if you, a scientist cannot in Layman's terms explain to a 10 year old how the String Theory works, then you just suck, don't blame the kid for not understanding your lunacy! But science is different today, you get science that's being used for good(robotics, healthcare etc) and you get science that's being used for bad(weapons, viruses) and then you get science that wants to answer questions to life that we will never know, like; how did the universe start, how did we come about, why are we here? Only dead people will be able to tell you this...and we cannot talk to the dead, well, if you want to keep science clean you won't, but a séance is a very real thing, it amazes me how scientists have not ventured into the spirit world by now...or is there a distinction between science and magic? Magic can prove before your eyes what science shows you in numbers and then in 400 page theories in science journals...But that's another discussion.

Stephen also has fun
2 is better than 1...Geeks get chick too!

I guess this is where the famous Skeptics came about. You could pour water into a glass and say its H2O and they would be skeptical, but I just think they were true to their name and keeping it real. Science to me is fascinating, interesting, even though I don't agree with 98% of theories out there, it’s always great to see how these great minds work. Because, as much as I don't agree with them one has to admit that these guys were blessed with great minds...but then again they'll say its not being blessed, it was hard work, as a fetus they already worked out a formula to life etc.


My beef is and has always been with Stephen Hawking and his opinion on the beginning of the Universe and how it started from nothing...yes, nothing. When you ask someone what's wrong and they say nothing, we all know it’s something. When you hear a noise and your wife nudges you in the ribcage to go check, you come back saying its nothing when we all know its something, nothing does not make noises! By using this simple logic we can all agree that the big universe did not and could not have started from nothing.

Stephen says if we look at stars and galaxies today, we'll see it expands, it grows further apart. So it had to be close at some point in time. No, why can' t it just not have started at a certain point and decided to move further apart by using facts such as gravitational forces etc. Using this logic he says the planets and stars and galaxies had to be close together to the point where they were one and to the point where they were nothing...yes, they did not exist! So...erm, the blackness in the universe, that area that the planets and stars and galaxies inhabit, how did that exist? You know, the place where nothing became something, when and where did that come from?


If you look around you today...look as far as you can, you'll see that at any point you won't be able to see nothing, you'll see something! Even if your eye tells you that it cannot see anything, it sees something! Air is something even though it’s invisible to the naked eye, it’s still something, there is no nothing in this world...nothing does not exist by its very nature, thus there must be something! So how could the universe as we know it today, start from nothing if we cannot prove that nothing exists? There is no such thing as nothing, it’s always something!

He bases his entire theory slapped with what he calls facts on an assumption! He assumes the universe started from nothing, and then goes on to generate facts about the universe! If the foundation of your theory is based on an assumption, then your theory too must be an assumption!

That is the premise of my beef with Stephen Hawking, I find his literature interesting and I'm learning quite allot from it, but then once we learn things we have to accept things because we only learn to agree or disagree, that's why when we learn to become a doctor, we accept and agree that a brain looks like this and a heart transplant has the following steps. Unfortunately we cannot subscribe to the scientists' theories, we can read it, enjoy it, laugh at it, dream about it, think about it for hours, and like me, write about it and try to understand more and more...But its always the most simple questions in science that cannot be answered, yes they'll prove mathematically but this, just like proving in words, is also based on an assumption!

Einstein - The Last REAL Scientist?

I guess modern day science is for the crazy at heart and mind, with scientists claiming non-conformance and misunderstanding as a result of a lack of mathematical understanding! Yes, the numbers don't lie, but how you got to the numbers can be considered a fallacy at times! In today's world we have many people who can't think for themselves, who subscribe to any theory that remotely makes sense in their brain! I love the fact that I can enjoy a scientific theory, and then form my own opinion afterwards. In Stephen's defense, yes I attack and defend him at the same time, I don't think his life's work is aimed and converting people to subscribe to his way of thinking, even he himself eluded at the crazy idea that the universe started out of nothing...but I guess that's a good starting point to begin his theory from as he simply does not and will not have the answer, thus he chose the most ludicrous foundation to begin with...NOTHING!