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Jun 24

Sport and technology

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Video replay , technology , Soccer , Referees , Professional sport , football , FIFA

The Organ Harvester

After viewing several matches of the Football World Cup several things are becoming evident. Firstly the high ideals of sport and sportsmanship are no longer relevant. Football is a professional sport clinging onto values and principles that no longer apply. The referee for instance is said to be only human but his mistakes can cost sponsors, teams and organisers a lot of money. The USA might have finished top of their group yesterday with an injury time goal but, in their previous match a match winning goal was disallowed for no apparent reason and neither was one given. FIFA and football in general tends to operate on business lines. That is never hidden. MATCH, the commercial arm of FIFA that protects its commercial marks and interests is a fine example of this. So then the obvious question is why does the football governing body still cling to old fashioned ideal such as referee's decision is final with no option for teams to question his decision through the use of technology.

Jun 23

Bafana is Quota-less.

Posted by OS GIKEN in SWC , Soccer , Bafana


Bafana Bafana is a colorful team, some spots or a spot of white and then some brown to ad to the spectacle. One of the most controversial policies in S.A sports has to be the quota system imposed, yes, on sporting codes that was deemed a bit too white on face value!

I watched 3 Bafana games at 3 different places with all races attending. One very disturbing opinion I got from a Mexican in Cape Town...he asked me don't the white South Africans play soccer? In the words of Joey Rasdien..."Kaka is a colored, put more colored’s in the Bafana squad and we'll start winning" I'm a racist like every other person living in South Africa, but yoh, where's Booth, the guy who the white guy identifies with? Where is Lance Davids, the guy who the colored guy identifies with?

black player


Rugby, no.

Tennis, no.

Cricket, no.

Swimming, hell no.

Soccer, obvias!

white player


Rugby, obvias, apparently they were bred for it!

Tennis, hhhm.

Cricket, what you expect.

Swimming, only they can!

Soccer, haikona!

brown player


Rugby, flank…yes.

Tennis, no man.

Cricket, batsman yes, but prove yourself over and over again, otherwise!

Swimming, in a dam yes, a pool with demarcated lines, please!

Soccer, yes...but SAFA will rule you out.

muslim/indian player


Rugby, stop eating curry, build some muscle, still a no-no! comment

Cricket, top order batsman, yes, but like the Kalad, prove yourself constantly with 100's otherwise!

Swimming, in the money yes.

Soccer, yes...but SAFA will rule you out.

I cannot stress the importance politics plays in South African sports, everyone has an opinion and everyone's an expert. Never have I heard so many colorful comments about the Bafana team as I have in the last 3 weeks, everyone keeps on asking the same question...Why is Booth not playing? And this is followed by the proudly South African answer..."because he's white"

What made us so fascinated by color? If something goes wrong, we blame color representation. If a color is not included, we blame the majority color of that sporting code. In Rugby we keep on talking about more blacks like its a norm, and when people on the whiter side of the coin talk about more whites in soccer, arms are thrown up in the air in protest and everyone simultaneously points to the Nelson Mandela statue in Sandton and almost as if choreographed asks "is that what he fought for?" But this is a legitimate question...not what Madiba fought for, but where is the representation in the Bafana squad? It’s only funny that when these questions are asked concerning the representation in the Bafana squad, it’s uncalled for and politics must be left aside, but anywhere else where there is one white man too many, politics and history are all too common a strategy alongside the game play on the drawing board.

OS over and out - white and black, kalad and indian, we all want a piece of the pie, give it to us please!

Jun 22

Kaka red card makes soccer gay

Posted by thenack in thenack , Soccer , red card , kaka , FIFA , Abdelkader Keita


Seriously, did you see what Kaka got a red card for. Just when I was starting to like soccer they go and get all gay.
He wasn't even looking and a guy ran into him from behind, fell down and put up a big nacy panzy show. So then the referee looks up, see the guy squeling like a little baby on the ground, and red cards Kaka. Rediculous.
the next time some player takes an oscar winning fall like this I would like to see the referee giving him a red card. Seriously sad.
Abdelkader Keita ran into Kaka from behind, Kaka's arm hit him in the chest, Abdelkader Keita grabed his face and fell to the ground. The ref who didn't even see it piches up and red cards Kaka.

Jun 18

Another World Cup upset

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , Soccer , Germany Serbia


Germany have lost to Serbia in today's match in Nelson Mandela Bay. Playing an exciting game, the Serbians managed to hold onto their 1st half lead. Germany's best chance to equalise came when a hand-ball gave it a penalty that was ably saved by the Serbian goal-keeper. 

Jun 17

The real Bafana??

Posted by sgb in SWC , Soccer , Bafana


Which is the 'REAL' Bafana - the team that beat Denmark 2-0 in a warm up, that drew 1-1 to Mexico, or that lost 3-0 to Uruguay?

Jun 17


Posted by thenack in world cup , thenack , supporters , Soccer , pictures , photos , images , football , FIFA , fan fest , bafana bafana



I went to the centurion Cricket grounds on friday for the 2010 opening festivities. Supersport park is the Tshawne/Pretoria fan fest location. What a huge party! The event was superbly organised and ALL the fans were in high spirits and well behaved. You could hear the vuvuzelas from kilometers away and it was just smiles and SA flags were you looked, not to mention Bafana gear!

I took my camera along and these are some of the pics I took of this awesome event. there were thousands and thousands of people, supersport park was jam packed and everybody had a ball. The only problem was the legth of the beer ques, doh!
all in all I hope all the rest of the world cup can go like this day, it was superbly organised and to my opinion if most of the events go like this, the world cup will be one to remember!

Hope you enjoy my photos!  BeMotivatedToday and make some money!


Whatching the game on the bigscreen at supersport park was awsome!

I call this guy Southafricaman

Makarapas, makarapas, everywhere you look!!!!

Rainbow nation hotness.

Soccerball hat in bafana colours

This started earlier as part of the football friday friendly footbal match!

Seriaas support

Loyalty, baby bafana of the future

BeMotivatedToday and make some money

Jun 14

Mildly impressed

Posted by The Source in world cup , south africa , Soccer

The Source

Soccer, football or the beautiful game. Call it what you want but I find the fascination with it some what absurd.

Jun 14

The vuvuzela debate ; the sequel

Posted by Paralyzer in vuvuzela , Soccer , fifa world cup , ban


Ja nee its only been a week and twitter and facebook are awashed with "should the vuvuzela be banned debate'' once again.It seems most european countries only woke up to the sound of the vuvuzela last week 'rather than during the confed cup.Whilst FIFA, most South African and African fans are still adamant that the vuvuzela aint going nowhere; because it adds to the vibe that is Mzansi Soccer.It seems this debate is becoming redundent.

Funny enough though,most commentators thought the vuvuzela will only be blown by South Africans ,but I have spotted a lot of the "foreign legion" with the horn in hand.Dare I say it's getting popular by the day.Theres nothing like bad publicity to get your name out there,even people in london are now scrambling for their own vuvuzela.It seems the negative press is actually boosting the sales and the brand exposure of the vuvuzela.Even if you hate it ,you know that it exists.I wonder whats going to happen after the world cup,will we be hearing vuvuzela in ampfield or the emeral staduim?

At the end of the day the vuvuzela is not a black or white thing,nor a europe vs africa thing,its a taste thing.Cause if you been watching the games or visiting the fan parks its all races,anationality and people who are proudly blowing the vuvuzela. It seems there are people who appreciate the unique element the vuvuzela brings to this world cup and the are those who dont,fortuneatly the powers that be are with the fans who love it and thats why we keep blowing the vuvuzela.Either embrace it or buy ear pluggs ,theres still 3 more weeks of it to come.So brace yourself

Jun 14

World cup not good for journoes

Posted by AbortRetryFail in SWC , south africa , social media , Soccer , journalists , internet , Facebook , crime


SA people are an industrious bunch but not too bright it seems. No, I don't mean everyone, just those who are contributing to destroying our character/name/reputation...

Culled from online sources, including News24 and Mail&Guardian and from reports on East Coast Radio and other national news stations...

Thieves broke into the Uruguay team hotel and stole $12 000 from two of the squad while the team were playing against France at the World Cup, Uruguay media reported Saturday.

Three members of Greece's Soccer World Cup squad had cash stolen from their hotel rooms in the northern suburbs of Durban, a team official said on Thursday.  Cape Town – Southern Sun Hotels is investigating "an allegation" that cash was stolen from the hotel rooms of Greece's national soccer squad in Durban, a company spokesperson said on Thursday.

An armed gang stole money and a camera from four Chinese journalists in South Africa to cover the Soccer World Cup, state media reported on Thursday. 
Three European journalists were the victims of an armed robbery early on Wednesday morning at their lodge in Magaliesburg.  Three journalists, two from Portugal and one from Spain, were robbed in their rooms at Nutbush Boma Lodge in Magaliesburg by armed men at about 04:00. Two of them slept through the incident.

Lanseria airport has reopened after the wreckage of a plane which had to belly land was removed from its runway on Sunday. Johannesburg - A plane full of World Cup journalists, including 14 from the Al-Jazeera network, escaped unhurt after their aircraft made an emergency landing near Johannesburg on Sunday, an airport spokesperson said.

Rustenburg - Burglars stole camera equipment worth $70 000 from a New Zealand television crew covering the Soccer World Cup in South Africa, police and the network said on Sunday.

Johannesburg - The two women accused of stealing money from the Colombian soccer team's hotel rooms applied for bail in the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Thieves seem to be aiming for journalists (great move, p#$$ off the people who WILL and CAN report the incident internationally) and the international soccer teams. So far it seems like "they" are working towards hitting every attending nation at least once. It hasn't taken the lowlife criminals long to realize who has the best "stuff" to affirmatively acquire. The next question is however just what are they going to do with the high-tech cameras and sound equipment? It's not a handy-cam or tape recorder but broadcast-quality specialized equipment which will definitely cause a stir if they try to pawn it at the corner pawnshop.

At the same time some blame is also due the victims. How you may ask? Well, common sense dictates not to let expensive stuff lie about unattended and one would think journalists at least, with their access to news sources, would know there's a bit of pilfering going on in the good 'ol SA. Even the "common" tourist will have seen the many sensationalist reports and the Facebook status updates and warnings... so much for the internet and almost-real-time updates/reporting of information.

At least none of the tourists have been attacked by the lions and other wild animals international media reports are all over every dorpie in SA...

Jun 11

Bafana Bafana to field 48 million vs Mexico no contest

Posted by MikeZilla in World Cup 2010 , world cup , Soccer , bafana bafana


Afrigator image I was having a look around the net this morning and the only thing I know for sure is that no one knows who’s going to win this world cup. No one knows how many goals will be scored. No one knows who’ll be the top scorer (Kinda like top blogger but  for fit people) No one know who the shock first round exit will be (there’s always one) No one knows anything.

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