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Nov 02

iPad or iFad?

Posted by Jas in Tech , Siri , iPhone 4S , iPhone , ipad , gadgets , fun , Apple


I’ve always really thought of most Apple products as something I would never really want to get involved with, what with their release cycles, and that they only add very small amounts of functionality between these releases (iPhone 3 and iPhone 3G, for example).

Oct 17

Siri has Some Serious Sass

Posted by CerebralHelices in Siri , iPhone 4S

The general sense of meh the iPhone 4S was met with, in the wake of the anticipation of an iPhone 5 release promised to hold one novel draw card – that of Siri. And in the past few days, it (or rather, she) has proven to be a major attraction as it becomes increasingly apparent that intelligent agent Siri has some serious sass.

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