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Jan 05

This thing we call freedom

Posted by Paralyzer in SOMAFCO , public school , pass-rate , Education , community outreach , ANC


I saw a newspaper today and it said "Matric Passrate 98%" and I was like ,"hell no,its a lie" , "the comrades are trying to to pull a fast on us" then after my rant and post on twitter .I read the article,the 98% was for the private schools and it made sense.No need for accusations.I could believe it but it also made me go mmmmmh.Our public education has become so bad that it is inconceivable that our public school could reach a 98% especially after last years fiasco of a whole month of football that was followed by 3 or so weeks of strike  and that were naturally followed by a school holiday.Ja nee thats us Mzansi in spite of the usual challenges of overcrowding, unmotivated teachers, an uncooperative union and teen group that no one seems to understand last year was probably one of the worst schooling years in history since that of 1994.

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