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Apr 20

8 days of Pesach, 7 mass media's and a Kugel

Posted by Mobile Kugel in vinyl , TV , television , technology , story , Radio , printing press , pesach , mobile , mass media , internet , Games , distribution , content , cinema , audience , analogue recording , 2.0

Mobile Kugel

The 18th April marked the first night of Passover. As it was my first one away from home, I decided to make some of my mom’s chicken soup and reflect on the world whilst nibbling on a dry piece of matzah.

Oct 22

Cliff Hailed as Political Messiah

Posted by vanniekaap in satire , Radio , politics , idols


“Cliffie is just amazing. So intelligent. So manly. So . . . hmmm he gives me goosebumps all over”

Oct 11

East Coast Radio Is The Devil

Posted by DevilTrigger in Radio , east , Durban , devil , coast


Neil Diamond is coming to South Africa. Woo hoo, hip hip replacement hooray, and whatever other random jubilation you can think of. Most miraculous about this is that he is coming to Durban. Yes, Durban, that glorious city in our country who always gets bummed when it comes to getting decent international artists.

Jul 01

Technology and my life - part 1

Posted by barrmar in technology , Radio , electronic calculator , 1960s , 1950s


Prompted by the posts of ShackledMuse' Gadgets hate me and Redsaid's Technological wonders, I'm off on a slightly different track. It is about the way that technology has transformed the world and the lives of almost everyone that live in it. 

Mar 18

RDS comes alive on my radio

Posted by EgbertFly in traffic , System , RDS , Radio , protocol , information. , FM , Data , Communication , broadcast , Alive



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