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Dec 02

2011 - About Black Outs, Raging and Gaming

Posted by ShackledMuse in RIM , rage , blackberry , BIS



Dec 02

My internal debate: Apple vs Blackberry

Posted by Echoes in RIM , icloud , blackberry , Apple


Let’s talk about why RIM’s Blackberry server outage was the epic Tech Fail of the year. Simply – because it was not only a tech fail, but a business fail.

Oct 14

BIS (Basic Intelligence Sustainability) Outage serves as RIMinder....

Posted by Wolfe in RIM , outage , BIS , BB


It's with great....who am I kidding.....let me rephrase....It's with little interest that I read the posts and comments with regards to the recent BB BooBoo. Being a BlackBerry owner I heard my fair share of jokes....well...most of them almost made it to level high enough to be classified as a joke anyway....

Oct 12

The day the Berries died

Posted by ShackledMuse in service failure , RIM , research in motion , Blackberry outage , blackberry , BIS , bbm



Aug 16

RIM’s BlackBerry Management Center

Posted by TheeAndre in RIM , Mobile Email , Management Center , IT Admin , blackberry , BES-Lite , BES


I’ve just been previewing RIM’s BlackBerry Management Center and i think this is the future of BlackBerry Device Management for small businesses. Its quite a light weight system with the main features of permissions and remote management for employees. We could say that its BlackBerry Protect managed by your IT Administrator. Its quite easy and fast to setup and you can have it up and running in less that 10 minutes.

Feb 20

UberTwitter's demise leads to SocialScope's rise

Posted by The Hunter in UberTwitter , Twitter , SocialScope , RIM , download

The Hunter

Quite a lot has happened in the past three days on the social networking for smartphones frontier.

Friday we saw UberTwitter fall, as Twitter was not happy with them violating policies, which included the usage of Twitter in the application name. UberTwitter then proceeded to make amends to these so called transgressions, yet they are up to this moment eagerly anticipating a response from Twitter.

Next, RIM finds its projected OS6 version of Twitter for Blackberry leaked all over the world wide web last night. With a slight change in the user interface and the ''t" icon now being replaced by a bird quite similar to UberTwitter's, it entered the unofficial release realm with great speculation.

Just when you thought UberTwitter was done inspiring moves for the better, its domino effect hit what could be seen as the ''greatest advancement in social networking applications'', by getting SocialScope to come out of their ''since 2008'' private beta shell. Prior to yesterday, you would have had to join a waiting list which already had millions of people on it. Some speculate that once the UberTwitter fallout has reached point zero, that SocialScope will return to private beta.

So what is the big buzz around SocialScope? With it being in beta, a review is not feasible and they urge users not to publicize specifics, yet here's a few core features. It integrates your twitter, facebook as well as a few other accounts into one neatly designed app. What stands out most though is how it renders your facebook profile. Features are too many to mention and it even boasts viewing your facebook pages, contact profiles as well as photos. Posts to contacts have also never been easier. All in all, this app gets a rating of 1 Million out of 10 and is the current BlackBerry must have.

Get SocialScope now at

Oct 06

Playbook vs. iPad vs. Galaxy Tab

Posted by Twar in Samsung , RIM , Playbook vs ipad vs galaxy tab , PlayBook , ipad , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple



Oct 06

Will These Replace The Laptop?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , Steve Jobs , Speed , Space , Samsung , RIM , RAM , PlayBook , phone , pc , OS , notebook , Netbook , laptop , ipad , interface , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple , Achilles


They’ve given it different names, yet it still looks the same. From laptop, to notebook to netbook…who knows what the differences are? Some will quote you the differences off hand, some will swear there is a noticeable difference, but honestly…there is no difference, its something that’s not stationary, you can carry it around and work on it no matter where you are! Now, it’s no more a phone war. Microsoft dabbled in phones to steal some of Apple’s market share, and then Steve became blatantly upset, and vented like any self respecting man would. Now, everyone is tossing his supposed salad!

Sep 16

Why the Blackberry has become the most popular phone

Posted by barrmar in RIM , Blackberry sales , blackberry , BIS


During my most recent visits to the cell-phone shops is has become patently obvious that Blackberries are outselling all other products in the cell phone market. 

Sep 07

If rumours are true...

Posted by RIC007GP in RIM , Palm Web OS , MS Office , Documents to Go , DataViz , BlackPad , blackberry


Quite a strong rumour doing the rounds at the moment is that Research In Motion (RIM), the Blackberry folk, have bought DataViz for around $50 mil. Apparently DataViz have also announced that they have stopped development of Documents To Go for Palm's Web OS.

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