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Oct 06

Will These Replace The Laptop?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , Steve Jobs , Speed , Space , Samsung , RIM , RAM , PlayBook , phone , pc , OS , notebook , Netbook , laptop , ipad , interface , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple , Achilles


They’ve given it different names, yet it still looks the same. From laptop, to notebook to netbook…who knows what the differences are? Some will quote you the differences off hand, some will swear there is a noticeable difference, but honestly…there is no difference, its something that’s not stationary, you can carry it around and work on it no matter where you are! Now, it’s no more a phone war. Microsoft dabbled in phones to steal some of Apple’s market share, and then Steve became blatantly upset, and vented like any self respecting man would. Now, everyone is tossing his supposed salad!

Mar 03

Why you SHOULD get a 1GHz processor....

Posted by thenack in those were the days , RAM , pentium , pc , gadgets , Digital , CRT , computers


Yip, I still remember those days, the first PC I bought myself. My previous two were a really cheap piece of crap running DOS that my dad got secondhand for me. The second I got from my bursary company, also second hand, and the previous owner basically used it as a place to whipe his snot on. It also did not work very well.
Come the day that PC mag had a front page articel. Why you SHOULD get a 1 GHz processor. Yip. The first Pentium 1GHz processors. I had to have one. For once in my life I would get the best available. I was still a student but was earning a bit through lab assistant and a whole bunch of other weird things. So I got it. Pentium 1GHz with 1GHz ram and a pretty neat video card. 15 inch CRT, bitchin.
PCMAG was right, that was the best PC I ever got, I can stil play quake III Arena on it like a madman (the CRT will kill your eyes though), it has all my photos from varsity. Running smooth, never been formatted or anything.
Now I have a laptop with 4 X better specs that is slow and full of crap. I have a quadcore 3GHz PC with 8GHz ram and a friggen video card with more power than my original PC, and it dies about once a year.
That PC is like the nissan 1400 bakkie of computers, I'll always keep it around, they don't make them like they used to.....