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May 11

Ever wanted to get out of IT?

Posted by EgbertFly in roberts , popular mechanics , popular , Personal Computer , personal , paul allen , MITS , microsoft , mechanics , gates , ed roberts , ed , computer , bill gates , bill , altaire 8800 , altair , allen , 8800


The chap who invented the first personal computer, a Mr Ed Roberts passed away quite recently.  He invented the device back in 1974.

Mar 02

Life indoors - Skype the World

Posted by sgb in telephone , Skype , Personal Computer , Literature , books


Skype, or at least a Skype-type application, was predicted 100 years ago.

Jan 27

My Digitallife

Posted by HomeGrownHoney in Personal Computer , Netbook , laptop , internet , iburst , Digital


As The Source blogged in December, we got a Samsung Netbook with our iBurst contract renewal. I have too be honest, at first I thought that getting a Netbook would be a useless add on to our personal computer and laptop, but I fell in love as soon as he walked in the door.