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Sep 23

The FNB PayPal offering

Posted by barrmar in UK banks , Six day transfer , PayPal , FNB


I have been using the FNB PayPal offering for a few months now. The system works quite well and FNB charges a modest fee for the service. 

I have been using the service for Web earnings from the US. Before FNB made PayPal available in South Africa, it was almost impossible to to collect that money - it had to go to a UK bank account.

Aug 20

Purchase method availability

Posted by Funkydelic in PayPal , Payfast , online store , online purchasing , e-commerce


Is your product available to all? Is everyone and the keyword here is “EVERYONE” able to purchase your online product? Are you able to accommodate all your willing customers? You have probably answered yes to all my questions but I’m going to tell you no! No you are not accommodating every potential customer and because of this you are losing sales. Almost everything that is available for purchase online is purchasable only by credit card or PayPal. To use PayPal you need a credit card.
The blatant truth here is that unfortunately with the worldwide recession many people like myself, have lost their jobs and with the loss of a job they also lose their credit cards as well as their credit status with the credit providers. Though I work for myself and earn a better income than when I had a job, I am still considered to be "un-credit worthy" because, I do not earn a regular income.
Then there is the older and wiser generation who are financially well-off but, refuse to own a credit card or even a cheque account because they do all their financial dealings in cash, and then there is the stigma of credit card fraud which detours these oh so valuable potential customers away from doing any form of online financial transactions.
So my point is yes I can afford to buy online goods but, no, I cannot buy anything online because I don't have a credit card. For many of you who are involved in online marketing, you need to investigate this aspect very carefully and ask yourself am I making my product available to all or am I only catering to the select few who own a credit card?

This is what I love about PayFast  a South African payment processor for South Africans to send and receive money online. If you have an online business this is a great payment processor to integrate into your site and it is available to consumers worldwide. The thing is, is that PayFast has several payment features that caters for every consumer. It has a credit card facility, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) facilities and then my favorite – the Ukash feature!!! Ukash allows consumers who do not own a bank account to buy a voucher using cash, they then use the code on the voucher to make an online purchase. Consumers can purchase this voucher from many different retailers such as Pick’n Pay, Checkers or Shoprite, Ukash is also available to consumers worldwide (except for USA) from various worldwide retailers.

This mommy works online.... @ SA Bizzz

May 17

Withdrawing PayPal funds through FNB slower than expected

Posted by barrmar in Slow Withdrawal time , PayPal , great service


Over the years, many South Africans have not been able to fully participate in Internet earnings simply because it was not possible to withdraw PayPal funds in South Africa. 

Apr 07

Shopping online, not an easy decision

Posted by EgbertFly in south africa , shopping , pizza , PayPal , online , On-line , FNB , EasyPay



Apr 06

eShopping and PayPal

Posted by barrmar in PayPal , FNB , EShopping , eCommerce


PayPal has been available to South Africans for many years for doing eshopping on the Web. It was simply a case of creating a PayPal account and linking it to your credit card. Nothing can be simpler, and PayPal is a relatively secure way to pay for your purchases. 

Mar 31

PayPal – It’s for business

Posted by Jas in technology , PayPal , money , FNB


I’ve never really had much use for PayPal, although I profess I had an account while living in London (technically I still do). The account was created to recharge my Skype limit, but now that I don’t live there, I haven't bothered logging into my account since - and I’m finding it almost impossible to close my account (although that’s not the nature of this article).

I predict the “better” use for PayPal in the South African market lies not so much in the hands of the consumer, but more in the business. With increased broadband, we're being afforded the ability to host more online services locally - and PayPal provides an easy and convenient mechanism for online businesses to facilitate payments on an International scale, especially now that it's possible to retrieve your funds (so it makes sense to have your business account with FNB - what a clever marketing strategy for themselves).

Another potential market area is with donations, as unsurprisingly enough this is where I’ve seen PayPal used most (I frequent Web sites that contain source code and applications), and so I often see where a developer has left a “donate now” on their site.

Before, it was impossible to retrieve the money out of the PayPal account, and so I suspect developers in South Africa didn’t worry about the functionality, unless they have access to an oversea’s bank account. I’m not sure if PayPal allows for funds in credit to accrue any interest (although you can be sure that the funds in their accounts are accruing interest, most probably at extremely high rates) – perhaps I need some clarity here.

And with the broadband revolution happening right before our eyes, we’re going to see a higher market and demand for online payment systems.

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