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Dec 29

Life goes on....without a Hitch

Posted by Dissol in Obit , Hitchslap , Christopher Hitchens


I changed the title to this blog.  His death caused me to revisit some of the fabulous books he wrote.  God is Not Great, Letters to a Young Contrarian, Arguably, and his autobiography - Hitch-22.  I realised over the course of re-reading those incredible works, that his work has influenced me.  He was a truly great mind, and a brilliant orator.  The world is much poorer today, for not having Hitch about, but he did achieve immortality, in that his literary works will endure.

Jan 28

Obit; one of the true, hard men of Rugby

Posted by Dissol in Obit


Ruben Kruger, flanker for the '95 World Cup winning Springboks died on Wednesday after a long battle against cancer.  He was 39, and leaves a wife and 2 daughters.

For me, he was one of the true hard men of Rugby; tough, hard, but fair.  Unlike many of the modern, self-professed, hard men (who are generally just dirty thugs), he did not mouth off, but did the job, time and again, within the laws of the game.

He was hugely respected by all teams that played against him, and it was fitting that he should have been awarded South African player of the year, in 1995.  He was one of the best flankers that the world has ever seen.

Understandably, Kruger was desperate to find a cure, and even went to the crank TB Joshua to try to find a 'miracle' cure, as did another SA player Wium Basson...  There is an interesting book; Dances with Devils; a Journalist's search for Truth by Jaques Pauw, a journalist that works for SABC's Special Assignment, that covers some of this.

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