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Aug 25

Tablets, OS's and a realistic robot.

Posted by OS GIKEN in tablet , Steve Jobs , Robot , Repliee , OS , Droid , Apple , android , Actroid


I've been quiet for a minute now, but while in my hibernating state I sat back and kicked my feet up, 2 kids and a house later I've decided to return with hard hitting nothings and soft hitting everything’. The technology scope has changed so much over the last 18 months that one cannot pin point when it started. I've been pushing my brain into overdrive trying to figure out when exactly this revolution happened and were we all prepared for the onslaught of products all basically doing the same thing.

Take one pill in the morning, and two in the...

Tablets, its more of an accessory in malls and more of a "look at me I'm hip and cool" object in meetings and conferences. I always crack myself up when I see people trying hard not to be fazed by their using the iPad or Galaxy tab; you know that look people have when they try to act normal using something they know is amazing? They act as if they've been stroking touch screen pads since 1993, and speaking to a screen with someone else in it from 500kms away as if it’s nothing. I'm a realist, when something as amazing as a tablet pc is in my palms I go nuts about it. When I get to work all I hear is this guy was at that party with this tablet pc...Ok so we don't talk about people's shoes or their handbags or their watches anymore, we mention their tablet pc? And what the hell is wrong with people that go out to clubs and parties and restaurants with this bloody thing? Don't you already have your iPhone or BB that does what the tablet does but is just smaller for your and everyone else's convenience?

Mine runs on Android, mine runs on...

Really? Seriously? When I turn on the radio, all these hip new age kids talk about what OS will be on what phone next month. And this OS is slow and that OS can't multitask and those OS's are Gikens...sorry. What does an Android add to your existence? How does a faster OS do for your wellbeing? Why would I want to know about the next best OS? Just give me a phone that does what you say it will do very well, and then leave me be. To me it sounds like gibberish when people spend 5 minutes talking about who's OS is better, what happened to talking about real matters in life, like Whacky Wednesday's increase in prices over the last 5 years?

iRobot, do the robot dance yeah!

While you are all concerned with the exiting of Steve "Jobless" Job(s) the nerds on the far East of the world are making humans! Yes, they are making humans! I repeat they are making humans! Droids, robots...things that look like you and me, well like them, and repeat certain encoded messages to you when prompted!
See your friend of the future here

its amazing that while the world concerns themselves with things that don't really matter, we all forget that people are trying to find new and better ways of robotisizing our society. This might sound like an Illuminati New World Order agenda but this is taking place, and look at the advancements made already! Hearts, limbs, eyes are being replaced by robotic versions and have complete function! This is obviously the brilliant side to this shiny coin, but the scary part is that the robots and androids they create look way too real for my liking! In 2065 we won't know who's real and whose robot.

Some things to think about next time you swipe your finger over the Android powered tablet while sipping a Margarita with your oversized shades on trying to look cool, while you are doing this Repliee is trying to take your life!

May 12

Ubuntu Linux right up there!

Posted by irfaan46 in workspace , Windows , version , update , uk , ubuntu , System , south , shuttleworth , review , OS , operating , mzansi , mark , Linux , kernel , good , free , distribution , computer , canonical , africa , 11.04


Apr 30

Goodbye Open-Source

Posted by Faheemazizm in Windows , OS , Open-Source , Linux , IOS , android


When I was younger, the idea of Open-Source and free intrigued me, however after much usage and exposure, the truth is, while the idea just like Communism stands for the greated good and better of man, in practice it fails, it fails so bad.

Feb 25

Battle of the Netbook OS...

Posted by Faheemazizm in OS , Netbook , Linux , LifeHacker


The netbook can sometimes be a pain, if your not the type of person to waste alot of time installing windows 7 via a USB, then Linux is the popular OS for you.. But the question (if your tech savvy) is what Linux Distro to pick?

Oct 06

Will These Replace The Laptop?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Windows , Steve Jobs , Speed , Space , Samsung , RIM , RAM , PlayBook , phone , pc , OS , notebook , Netbook , laptop , ipad , interface , Galaxy Tab , blackberry , Apple , Achilles


They’ve given it different names, yet it still looks the same. From laptop, to notebook to netbook…who knows what the differences are? Some will quote you the differences off hand, some will swear there is a noticeable difference, but honestly…there is no difference, its something that’s not stationary, you can carry it around and work on it no matter where you are! Now, it’s no more a phone war. Microsoft dabbled in phones to steal some of Apple’s market share, and then Steve became blatantly upset, and vented like any self respecting man would. Now, everyone is tossing his supposed salad!