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Mar 08

Baby expenses - spill all the beans!

Posted by OS GIKEN in savings scheme , New born , nappies , baby


So in August we expect baby Karli, that's the name of our daughter. Were planning to have a majour savings scheme in the next couple of months where we save most of our available income for when Karli comes and for the time my wifey is out of work. We intend to have her go back to work agian in Jan 2011.

What expenses, monthly mostly, are there when karli comes...we are going to buy the cot and car seat and pram before she comes as well as the other big things...

What monthly expenses are we looking at? Some people said add another R2000 to your budget, some said its only a R1000...what does this constitute. I know not all children are the same, neither are all families, our situation might be different from anyone else's and our style of upbringing might also not be the same. But are there generic things that Karli just must have each month? I'm trying t figure out how I can rework my budget to include little Karli and by how much...

OS over and out - I've heard tons of stories of how you should buy this and buy that...75% of the things I doubt we'd ever need...I skeem its just food, clothes, nappies, health and love...

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