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Aug 06

Social Networking Disorder

Posted by DevilTrigger in social , snd , Networking , disorder


I'd like to create my own mental illness or personality disorder. Some people would want a cure named after them, or some amazing technological advancement who's title they can gladly say they played a part in creating, but dammit I want to make up a disease. Since I lack all credentials to do this (not counting being somewhat mental myself), I've decided to basically  look at what I know, and something I know well is how different people are as their digital selves as opposed to their real life counterpart.

May 04

How do you consume information?

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Twitter , The need for a website , social media , Search Engine Optimisation , Organisations , New Media , Networking , Media Consumption , Google , Generating traffic , Facebook

The Organ Harvester


Apr 28

Why Networking aint working.

Posted by OS GIKEN in Sasol , presentation , Networking , IT , IBM , CV , Accenture


Networking, you got to learn about this word in University, because according to the lecturers, this is the only way you can get somewhere in this corporate environment. Go to events, and talk your lips off and hope people find you interesting enough to share details with the aim of future work or knowledge sharing or or or.

Network's down:

Networking, in my opinion, is an overrated term for and underrated function. The function or outcome of this Networking phenomenon is to get some form of support in one or more areas of interest to you.  Be it a possible job, knowledge about a future product, some contacts you can add to your Outlook Contacts or just some numbers with names to fill up your phonebook, or better still...just to get your FaceBook friends list over 5000! I don't see the point of networking, last year I went to more than 10 conferences and spoke to more than 5 people at each event, and I don't remember one name! If you ask me, it’s just a means of allowing time to pass so that everyone can go home earlier!


Network speed:

I have an idea, why don't they set up a banner at each conference from now on, a big red banner that everyone can see, with the words "for those interested in Networking" written big across the entire banner. That way, people interested in Networking, for whatever reason can go stand underneath this banner and know exactly why they are talking to the next Network! Thus will eliminate all the small talk and allow those interested to get straight to business, getting contacts and information about the next person! Take for example, you guys have lunch after a boring Governance presentation which lasted for 2 hours and a couple of boring jokes inbetween…you really need to eat this free food, have a nice cuppa, collect  your goody bag, and be off! But as you stand in line to get served, the guy behind you strikes up the conversation;

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