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Jul 07

Why Some Are Driven To Commit Social Media Suicide

Posted by redsaid in Web 2.0 Suicide Machine , Web 2.0 , Twitter , teenage angst , photos , Paris Hilton , Myspace , myDL blogs , high school , Facebook , Dr. Kevorkian , Deleting Web 2.0 accounts , Cheekbones , bikini


Sometimes social media Web sites can make you relive high school all over again. And I don’t just mean it in the way that it allows you to reconnect with some of those long-lost friends and acquaintances from back then.

Jul 07

Virtual Suicide what is the best virtual way?

Posted by DBS in Virtual Suicide , Myspace , Facebook


Is Virtual Suicide the right term to use? I pondered reading last week’s newsletter.

May 04

Mobile sites and the global village

Posted by ShackledMuse in prodigits , Myspace , mobile sites , lavalair , global village , Facebook



Mobile sites.
Yay, I thought, something I could write about.
Only to find out I'm not so well-versed about them as I thought.

Sure, I wasted A LOT of hours on sites like Prodigits, Lavalair, UltimaWap and the likes. But thats not really anything substantial. (altho my good friend, Ra'ed Far'oun, and creator of LavaLair, would have some serious misgivings about our friendship if he sees me saying its not substantial.)

So in the defense of above mentioned mobile sites, let me point out the positive impact it had on my life.... lol.


Apr 08

Is it a sign?

Posted by EgbertFly in south africa , Social Networking , Myspace , Facebook , Bebo


Social networking is a curse or a blessing, depending on from where you look at it.

Feb 02

I prefer a dinner party to Facebook!

Posted by sgb in Twitter , Social networks , Skype , Myspace , Facebook


Social networking, computerwise, is a problem for me. I do it, but always wonder why.

I read the articles about people leaving Twitter, or Skype, or Facebook with glee. Yet I sign on daily just to see what has happened in the world.