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Jan 13

Kingston entry: The Apple side of life

Posted by Echoes in princess echoes , My Digital Life , kingston , jean dennis


After staunchly denouncing the need for an iPhone in favour of my Blackberry, I have decided that 2012 is the year to embrace my apple roots. I've always extolled the benefits of Blackberry - but, with the smart business applications available on the new iPhone 5 and its seamless integration with my other apple devices via the iTunes Cloud server (iCloud), it's logical that if I intend to be truly mobile and integrate my business, lifestyle and social networking needs in a smart way, I would invest in the iPhone 5 when it becomes available in South Africa. 

Sep 16

MyDigitalLife abuzz with fresh life

Posted by barrmar in My Digital Life


MyDigitalLife is back to full steam thanks to the bloggers that stayed on on the committed staff on the site that got it right in the end. 

Aug 11

Breathing life back into My Digital Life

Posted by barrmar in My Digital Life , life


Thanks to Dissol and the Source, I have been spurred on to try to breathe some new life into MyDL. We did hit a dead patch. Part of this was a problem with Google settings. 

Mar 09

How far can I throw my Blackberry Storm 2 ????

Posted by The Oracle in Vodashop , Vodacom , Vodacare , My Digital Life , Blackberry Storm 2 , Blackberry Storm 1 , Blackberry Curve , blackberry

The Oracle

What a year it has been already and trust me in the next few days I will find the time to get round to updating everyone on the latest developments in the life of working for Teazers.

Feb 26

THAT woman's sense of direction

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Smartphone , mydigitallife , My Digital Life , mobile device , htc , GPS , gadget


A friend of mine gave me an HTC X7500. Its like a mini laptop and cell phone combined. REALLY nice little gift, and it comes with all the little apps one would expect from a windows mobile 5 device. A great little tool for "on the go" quotes and emails. You do need to trick it into thinking its software certificates are up to date to continue using MSN though, but that is another story for another day when I feel like bashing Microsoft.

Jan 30

My Concerns, and suggestions, about the MyDL changes

Posted by Dissol in My Digital Life , Digital , Digi rands


I like MyDL.  It is a great concept, and has a thriving, interesting group of regular authors.  I am not a geek, or nerd, and probably well out of the typical grouping for MyDL.  I am a bit of a gadget freak.  Also, being disabled, I have a limited social life (even just calling around at a friend's house for a Braai often comes with a whole heap of issues!), so I enjoy the social interactions which are possible on MyDL.  It is probably fair to say that I am online much more than most people.  Aside from the difficulties of accessing different places in the physical environment, I have a very low boredom threshold (possibly a nice way of saying that I have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD!!).  I cannot sit through a film.  I find most TV intensely boring.

So there is much about MyDL that appeals.  I can read about digital gadgets (although there is often the frustration of people describing gadgets that they have read about on other articles that are unavailable in SA).  I can find out about new technologies, and issues in a mostly informed way.  However, I can find out about these anywhere else...  Even my own recent blogs on the Tablet PC, which (for a digital attempt) seem to have been well received give little or no new information.  Anything that I described could have been found out anywhere else (Microsoft themselves do some excellent videos on the topic).  But I keep coming back to MyDL for the cut & thrust of debate.  I have made no bones about the fact that one of my main aims on MyDL is to raise awareness around Disability, and those issues.  I also love science.  I spend a lot of my time reading about the latest advances with the LHC, or the Hubble telescope.  I find so many of the latest scientific advances, such as stem cell research, or whatever intensely exciting, and MyDL has been an ideal platform in which to share some of that information.  I have strong views on religion, and am very concerned about the rise of fundamentalist religions within South Africa (such as creationism, or radical islamism), and again, this has been a useful forum to discuss these topics.

As MyDL knows; I choose to use my earnings from blogs for a variety of issues.  In fact, none of the earnings have gone into my own pocket, even the few payments that were made to me, I used for a mixture of different uses.  This 'extra' little bit of money is fun money; and I get huge pleasure in putting it to use in a number of different ways.

I have also been fortunate to meet a number of people through MyDL.  None of whom would I have met without being part of the system here.  I hope, and have plans, to meet more.  These people I have got to know, not through the digital posts, but through the more lifestyle posts.

Which brings me around to my own suggestion; don't split the blogs into digital, newsy, and lifestyle (which is only going to create work for you, and frustration for everyone).  Keep all the blogs together.  With the tagging that you have people can easily sort through the different posts, to find the ones that interests them.  If you are wanting to increase the digital blogs, and subject matters, then tell the authors.  You can even task certain authors to write about specific subjects if wanted (I took on the job of describing tablets, as they are in the press at the moment, thanks to the iPad, but there seems to be widespread ignorance or misconceptions about them).  I try to keep my blogs real world related..."this is how I use this digital technology in my own lifestyle".  If you feel (or perhaps your sponsors / advertisers feel) that there are too many lifestyle posts, then tell us...  I am sure than we can all adapt to your requirements.  MyDL should be very careful who they award authorship to; in doing that the sheer competition to be awarded authorship status should increase both quality, and quantity of non-authors.  If an author begins to drop off in quality or quantity, then warn them.  Explain what you are looking for, and make sure that the quality is constantly improving.  To my mind there should be no place for poorly written, badly spelled, ignorant posts.  If an author keeps producing them, then boot them.

But I strongly feel that the lifestyle posts are the heart of MyDL, and your recent changed approach is going to kill them off.  (Either that or I write a post about something digital, and then just put a line or 2 in saying that religion is stupid, creationsim is wrong, and any organisation that discriminates against women or gay people should be laughed out of modern society!!).

So my suggestion - pay 30c (minimum!!) per hit to all authors on posts.  Make the status of authorship desirable.  But put the responsibility on us, as authors to post regular, good articles, to keep bringing people to MyDL.  Warn, and then kick, anyone not performing.  Give specific subjects (if needed) to different authors.  That may include having a slot where you provide different authors with a specific items (cell phone, computer, gadget, software, etc.) to trial and report on.  But let people like Skard educate us all about the plight of the homeless; they are valuable insights, and should remind us all, that any one of us are only a few small paces away from that.  Let OS describe the huge changes that he is about to undergo (but perhaps does not yet realise how huge) as he makes the journey into fatherhood.  If, as you propose, these posts are demoted to 2nd division (in the UK system of having a Premier league), then I am sure your heart will slowly wither, and die...  MyDL may survive, but as quite a different entity...  Maybe I am being too conservative, and too resistant to change - no one like change after all... 

Jan 23

Live from the event

Posted by Dissol in Win 7 , tablet PC , My Digital Life , laptop , gadgets , Digital , cellphone , Cape Town Stadium


Cape Town Stadium Goal11h30 from the car park adjacent to Cape Town stadium.

 I'll add my photos when I get home, as I forgot a cable to connect my card to my tablet.

There is a huge Police presence here (as you would expect for a dry run for the FIFA event).  I am within the security curtain, so I, and my car, has been checked for explosives.  Good to see some of the very latest electronic sniffing techniques being used.

 Now this is a "Lifestyle Blog", clearly...  Or is it?

I am writing this on my Tablet PC, connecting to the internet through my cell phone (and blue tooth).  Windows 7 and a tablet PC make this such a pleasure (and easy to do).  It is the everyday application of digital technology which makes all this possible.  It makes a massive impact on my lifestyle.

But MyDL is a technology site first and foremost, rather than a social networking site.  So the owners, managers, of the site have every right to do with it as they will.  We, as users, have only one basic right; are can use the site, or not...  We cannot dictate our own terms.  We can suggest and cajole, but MyDL do not have to listen.  Of course any organisation that does not listen to its customers is not going to last long!  But MyDL's biggest customers (and therefore much more important than us) are the sponsors and advertisers.  They want more digital blogs. 
Personally, I think that the recent suggested changes will be counter-productive.  too many of the digital blogs are too dry for my tastes, and if they are the only ones being supported then I would imagine that I would slowly drift away, and look for alternative social networking possibilities.  However, if we can work with the system, and perhaps make more of our lifestyle blogs more digitally focussed, then we may find a solution that makes everyone happy.

As an example of what I mean I have a look at Jeremy Clarkson's Column in the Sunday Times.  It is in the "motoring" section, and does cover motoring issues.  But over 90% of each blog is lifestyle, and therefore much more enjoyable to read...  Take a look at my tags for this post and tell me which ones do not apply.?

 This is Dissol, live from Cape Town stadium, signing off!

Dec 03

Stinky. The Legend Lives On.

Posted by Kitten in My Digital Life


Locksy and also featured in one of my competition entries, Stinky, the BlackBerry and the Hunt for the Orange Fish.

Dec 03

Web Evolved: Web 3.0, Part 1

Posted by Toaster in My Digital Life


Putting different "versions" of the Web into boxes like 1.0, 2.0 and now 3.0 has always been a controversial topic. Can one really put something as rapidly evolving as the Web into predefined boxes? Boxes with no sides and lids. What boxing various stages of the Web aims to do in my opinion, is simply place a set of technologies or trends under a single umbrella to attempt to define a stage in the Web's evolution. Allowing us to state with a certain degree of certainty that the Web is in stage A and moving towards stage B. Granted this is a difficult thing to do because of the Web's ever changing state but it simplifies matters, making categorization easier.

Sep 05

The Witches of MyDL

Posted by Kitten in My Digital Life


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