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Apr 26

Disrupting the Academic year

Posted by GeraldineKent in world cup , wix , Twitter , teacher strike , sustainability , south africa , Soccer World Cup , private corporations , parastatal , ngo , Microsoft Office , johannesburg , internet , ICT , government school , fifa world cup 2010 , FIFA , Facebook , email , Education , Easter , development


I was lucky enough to come home to Johannesburg for the Easter weekend. It has been a very busy, very short break. But a much deserved one nevertheless! Whilst spending some time with my extended family, my youngest cousin, Sabrina, was talking about all the plans she has for her school holidays. And my younger brother, Bradley, became very upset when he realised that Sabrina was going to be on holiday until next week Tuesday, 3 May 2011. The reason this upset my brother, is because Sabrina goes to a government school (unlike my brother who is a private, Catholic school), which means she has already had her first term break. Being allowed to miss seven days of school, in the middle of term time, is usually a very difficult thing to get away with.

Oct 19

Who loves ya (Mac) baby?

Posted by RIC007GP in Windows 7 , Microsoft Office , MacBook , Mac , iPhone , ipad , iMac , Apple


Woo hoo - who would have believed it? A competition for Mac users only! At last I am not being dissed for being an ‘Apple Fanboy’, but in fact today it is an advantage to be an Apple Fanboy. Incidently I have no problem with being tagged a ‘Fanboy’ despite my venerable age. In fact I welcome it. It kind of sends out a message - Watch out those of you of tender age here is an old far... erm... dude that can give you a run for your money as far as gadgets and specially Apple gadgets go.

The question is can I convince you that I am the one that should win this competition? Well where should I start? I know. Let me start with hardware. In order to make the best use of this prize one is going to need the hardware to use it on. Well I have an iMac desktop computer and a MacBook laptop computer. Both will handle the new version of Office with ease so no problem there.

In addition to the computers I have an iPhone 3GS and an iPod touch. If I could afford it I would upgrade to the iPhone 4 and have an iPad, but they, for fiscal reasons, must wait for another time. So there is no doubt about it that I have the hardware for the software and the dreamware for the hardware. If there is anyone blogging here who doubts that I AM an Apple Fanboy then they haven’t read any of my posts. So read the damn posts then. I need the clicks!!!

Do I need the new version of Office? Well I currently have to rely on either Neo Office or Google Docs to meet my spreadsheet and document needs. While they both have their uses they cannot compete with Mmmm... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmmm... Mmmmmiiiiiiii... Mmmmmiiiiiiiic... Microsoft Office. (Sorry, as an Apple Fanboy I find it very difficult to say that word. Please don’t ask me to say it again).

Before I get accused of biting off the hand that feeds me by not being able to say the prize giver company’s name properly I can be objective, when required, as my recent, extremely positive post about the new Wi... Wi... Wiiiinnn... Windows 7 smartphone is testimony to.

So lets tick the boxes:
  1. Does Ric have the hardware? CHECK
  2. Does Ric need the software? CHECK
  3. Does Ric love Mac? CHECK
  4. Does Ric love Mmmmm... (you know who). CHECK

Right! Now that we are all in agreement my address is....

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