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Dec 02

Code is cash

Posted by tally in technology , money , Mathematics , ideas , currency , cash , bitcoin


Is this a gimmick or the next world currency?

May 28

A Round Robin tournament.

Posted by sgb in Round robin tournament , Mathematics


Following my blog last week on how to calculate the number of matches in a knock out tournament I thought I would follow up with a way of calculating the number of matches in a round-robin tournament. It is not really a puzzle but has some 'Mathematics for non-Mathematicians' aspects.

May 24

I like puzzles...

Posted by sgb in Puzzles , Mathematics


The mark of a good puzzle is 1) there is a solution, and 2) it can be solved with a little bit of logical thought, without any serious mathematics.

As it is almost time for Wimbledon (not the soccer world cup as it is not a knock-out tournament) let us try one: