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May 12

Ubuntu Linux right up there!

Posted by irfaan46 in workspace , Windows , version , update , uk , ubuntu , System , south , shuttleworth , review , OS , operating , mzansi , mark , Linux , kernel , good , free , distribution , computer , canonical , africa , 11.04


Apr 30

Goodbye Open-Source

Posted by Faheemazizm in Windows , OS , Open-Source , Linux , IOS , android


When I was younger, the idea of Open-Source and free intrigued me, however after much usage and exposure, the truth is, while the idea just like Communism stands for the greated good and better of man, in practice it fails, it fails so bad.

Mar 17

Automatic Installation of your favourite apps

Posted by naeemcoza in Windows , ninite , Linux , gtd , applications


Being the go-to IT geek in our automotive business means every few  weeks some genius on our sales floor will take it upon himself to destroy their workstations.  Either by watering it down with flat Pepsi or by simply using it as a foot tapping device.

Feb 25

Battle of the Netbook OS...

Posted by Faheemazizm in OS , Netbook , Linux , LifeHacker


The netbook can sometimes be a pain, if your not the type of person to waste alot of time installing windows 7 via a USB, then Linux is the popular OS for you.. But the question (if your tech savvy) is what Linux Distro to pick?

Oct 12

Ubuntu's failure

Posted by The Organ Harvester in Wine , ubuntu , Open Office , MS Office , microsoft , Linux

The Organ Harvester

I don't think you can call it Ubuntu's failure but @#$% 'em! I'm going to anyway. Open Office for all its functional beauty and it being free loses points in one regard.

Mar 26

Recruitment gets it wrong

Posted by Jas in work , Unix , technology , rant , microsoft , Linux


I sometimes get updates from recruitment companies in the UK looking for developers. This was initiated way back when I was living and working in the UK, but have now since returned to South Africa (and have been back for sometime).

I know I’ve mentioned this before in comments, but it really was too good an opportunity not to pass up putting on MyDL:

Feb 08

First impressions of Ubuntu

Posted by barrmar in VirtualBox , ubuntu , Linux


With Sun VirtualBox installed on my Laptop, I installed Ubuntu as a guest operating system. 

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