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Jan 03

Was it a digital holiday in the last 10 days?

Posted by DBS in Xmas activity , social media , Linkedin , Facebook


I generally go onto facebook and linkedin once a day just to catch up and generally I do not go on to it at work.

Oct 12

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter....nothing but fashion accesories..

Posted by Wolfe in Web2.0 , Twitter , Linkedin , Facebook


We all have real world accessories such as cell phones, laptops, pc's etc. In cyberspace these are complimented by some must have accessories like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. not to mention your own blog spot. The latter can be classified into three simple purposes:

Aug 16

Job hunting to job hunted

Posted by iExperience in tips for online profiles , Tags: jobvite , professional profiles , managing linkedin profile , Linkedin , job search , job hunting , dan finnigan


Aug 07

A noob's view - Social Networking

Posted by Megg_Ellis in Twitter , Social networks , Social Networking , megg_ellis , Linkedin , Facebook


Ever since I was introduced to Klout I've been attempting to increase my online influence-slash-'reach'. After all, one can't become a new media student without engaging with the Internet and all its thingamajiggies (yes, that is a technical term). 

Jul 26

Governments embracing social media

Posted by Nasreen in wikipedia , Twitter , social media , russia , ontario , minister of research and innovation , Linkedin , Government , glen murray , Facebook , dmitri medvedev , crowdsourcing , crowdsourced wiki


Social media has become an essential part of how we interact with our friends, community and even run our cities and countries. Governments are starting to take serious notice and incorporate social media into their own day-to-day actions.

Jun 23

Gamification gaining Klout

Posted by Ryc0v in Twitter , specialist , ryc0v , New Media , Linkedin , level up , klout , Gaming , gamification , Facebook , BBC


Hey all, Been a while since I last wrote, exams and the like took up some time.

Some of you may have noticed in the absence between this and my last post, that Gamification has really picked up and been caught on the global radar, with BBCNews even offering an explanation of it, and a brief rationale as to why it might be successfully implemented. So, now that I've given myself a cyber pat-on-the-back for predicting the trend, I'd like to move along to an interesting little "semi-gamified" social networking tool.

It's called Klout and it, with your blessing, accesses your varying social networking sites to form an analysis of your importance, prestige, style and how much of an effect you have on what your fellow networked users use. Giving you interesting titles and achievements as it does so!


Apr 20

Businesses Facebook Too!

Posted by iExperience in woolworths , woolies , Twitter , space age technologies , Social Networking , slideshare , Pick n Pay , Linkedin , , Facebook , e-commerce , daniel levy , chris welham , charmaine huet , business , bronwen rohland


Keyboard by Xelcise, courtesy of Flickr

I admit… I am a
Facebook addict! I eat, breath, sleep
AND Facebook and so do millions of other users. Twitter is also in the picture now, competing for my time and status updates. These networking sites and media tools are changing social behaviours and experiences so it’s not surprising that businesses are also getting hooked on to this culture as well.

Nov 12

CIPRO de-registers more companies that miss return deadline Companies that miss October deadline to

Posted by ikarolia in TAX , Organisations , MWeb , Linkedin , Jozi , IGoogle , Google Translate review , Google Translate , Google Search , Friends , Freedom of Speech , Freedom of Expression , Facebook profile , Discovery , Disappointments , DEREGISTRATION , Department , Cover-up , Consultant , CIPRO , BEE beneficiary , BEE , affliate marketing , ACCOUNTS , 3GS , 3G Network Coverage , 3D sound , 2010 Playmate of the Year , 2010 FiFA World Cup is Social Media ready , 2009 , 2.9mm , 2.6GHz , 1580l , 11 February 1990 , 10cm dilated , 1000 road deaths every month , 0888 888 888 , .ZA , .COM , #WWDC2010


 The Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPRO) has announced today that more companies and close corporations will be deregistered should they not comply with lodging annual returns.

Feb 03

My Anti-Social Networking Sister

Posted by redsaid in Twitter , Social Networking , PVR , Linkedin , iPod , Google , Facebook


My 40-year old sister has a rather strange ambition. She wants to be the only person in the world who cannot be traced via Google (or any other search engine).

Feb 03

Social networks - what works for me

Posted by Charmed in Twitter , Social networks , Linkedin , Facebook


Anybody who knows me knows that I’m not big on telephonic conversations or small talk. So naturally, calling people up randomly to “keep in touch” isn’t my thing.

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