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Aug 19

Evolution Fail

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May 25

The Original God of the Chinese

Posted by thenack in noah , Jesus , flood , chinese language , bible , ark


I love it when old testament truths from the Bible is reaffirmed by interesting evidence. So many places and stories from Genesis and the old testament is shown to be true and reliable. Stuff that have been doubted by modern "science", shown to be relevant and true. A very interesting one I found confirms that the Biblical flood of Noahs day was a global event, followed by the tower of Bable. So what is this evidence? The anchient Chinese character for BOAT, see the picture: chinese-bible-boat All Chinese characters are descriptive drawings that originated with the anchient Chinese writing style caled "Oracle Bone". So a word or concept such as boat is made up of various smaller drawings. Lets see what Boat is made up of:

Jip, the Chinese remebered their ancestor Noah, and the fact that he was saved because he was one of eight people on a boat. Why on earth would the Chinese language describe a boat as something that contained eight people? It is amazing. They also remeber further back to the truths of Creation.

So one of the most anchient cultures in the world, seperated from most others for thousands of years, share the basic fundamental truths as described in Genesis. Of course, Genesis is a much more detailed and reliable account of actual history. For more info on this amazing topic of the Chinese Language

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