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Jun 19

A World gone mad

Posted by Dissol in uk , Twitter , trends , Rabbi , Israel , Disability Rights


Various items in the news have really got to me recently.  2 in particular stand out.  The first was an idiotic English tory MP, Philip Davies, who suggested in the House of Commons that people with Disabilities should be prepared to work for less than the statutory minimum wage.  Suffice it to say, that this moronic MP has a history of saying outrageous things, but this is one of the worst.  I tweeted about it, and was fascinated to watch his statements becoming a "trend" on Twitter, with the vast majority of people expressing their disgust on his comments.  Obviously there were a number of morons who supported him, but I wonder if these people ever react to the huge levels of public opinion about them.  Within hours of him making the comments, there were thousands of people, all around the world heaping ridicule on him.  I hope that they, or at least the people they answer to (party leaders, and their local constituency, & voters) do take note of these trends.  The potential power is quite remarkable.