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Jul 22

ITWeb Work Experience - Last Day

Posted by Ryc0v in work experience , ryc0v , rhodes , red room , milk stout , kitcheners , ITWeb , intern , ICT business , browns , 3d camera


Well, it's been an experience.
I've fallen just short of my story a day objective, but I might be able to push myself with a few feature/portal submissions!

Jul 12

ITWeb Work Experience - Day 2

Posted by Ryc0v in work experience , student , scholarship , San Francisco , ryc0v , Joe Diedericks , ITWeb , Gregory Peake , California , Blackberry App Master Challenge


The novelty of having a phone has worn off a bit. Same goes for the official email address.
The work however. The work is still good!

I managed to get my first article  for ITWeb published today, interviewing  ITWeb employee Joe Diedericks about his recent win in the Blackberry App Master Challenge. You might see MyDigitalLife's version here, and I have to say, I prefer my headline. :D

Jul 11

Working at ITWeb - Introduction

Posted by Ryc0v in work experience , rhodes university , phone , landline , ITWeb , , average


You know you're coming up in the world when you get your own office phone and extension. Well - maybe that's not that impressive - but it is to me. I haven't had a land-line in years (thanks to University life) so actually having a phone sitting here makes me feel secure. As my cleverly chosen title indicates, I'm working at ITWeb, the glorious Lord and Master of MyDL. I'm here for two weeks for a little bit of experience and to hopefully learn. I'll be documenting it on here. For no reason other than the fact that it seems like something I could do to keep myself busy during the quiet moments.

May 20

Greetings from the ITWeb Green Team

Posted by iOnGreen in recycling , ITWeb , Green Team


Hi and welcome to the ITWeb Green Team blog.

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