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Mar 08

Is there really an IT skills shortage?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Skills shortage , IT skills , Brain drain


I don't understand the equation they used to get to that statement. Their hypothesis must have been a copy of each and every other research agency's conclusions...there is a national skills shortage, IT leading the way!

I know tons of IT students, and they sit at home, not at work. There is some IT skill for you! Spend 2 years and you have the skill you were looking for! But that's the problem with companies looking for a certain set of IT skills, they are much happier to report that they need person A,B,C with skill sets A,B,C. Person A,B,C are available, but the skill sets are not...maybe just skill sets A and C, but not B.

I think to get rid of the skills shortage, companies need to lower their expectation of the workforce - less technical people are being churned out by universities by the thousands, everyone thinks they have what it takes to become the next Bill Gates...but is this really the case now? Yes it is, they have the will power, the ambition, but they lack the skills, the specific skills the company needs, so the company gives up on them, not even giving them a chance. Companies will blame this apparent brain drain we are experiencing...but I think companies are to blame. They don't give the people with talent and ambition the chance to become that what they are looking for. But in defense of the companies…who has time to put people on projects to learn? We need people on projects who can do the job, not learn it!

It takes the average new employee at least a year to fully understand the ins and outs of their new climate, the new company. To hone a certain skill in IT, from a difficulty level perspective, I'd say it takes at least 1.5 to 2 years to hone a specific skill set your company really requires. Who is willing to pay someone a salary for 2 years to learn?

 I don't think there is a skills shortage, I rather think that companies want their bread buttered on both sides; they want the most for the least input. And I'm sorry to say, but it has never worked this way. Those people that have the skill you are looking for got that skill from somewhere else, that "somewhere else" is a company that was willing to invest in that person and allow him/her to attain those skills that are now sort after.

OS over and out - there is really no skills shortage, it's just one of those words people like saying to sound clever and on-top-of-things. If your company really needs someone for a project, they'll hire a consultant and pay him/her doubly good. In that moment, during that project...why not take someone else from within the company, train them on that certain skill, and invest in your people who'll then invest in your company...its simple really, but companies tend to make it difficult for themselves!

Feb 12

Undefined IT skillsets - the NEW generation of skills?

Posted by OS GIKEN in Skill , Project Manager , JAVA , IT skills , IT , C# , Business Analyst , ABAP


I often find myself looking at jobs online and in newspapers for no apparent reason other than to compare skills and see what the workforce out there looks like. The main dominators in the IT category are the guys with one specific skill set, C# or ABAP or JAVA or on rare occasions, all mixed together. Most people look at a job ad according to their known skills, so if they are a salesperson in IT applications, they will look for sales jobs from application development companies etc.