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Dec 01

Pippen's technology high's and low's

Posted by Pippen in tablet , Steve Jobs , IOS , Cloud , apps , android


What technology innovation has changed the course of time?...

Oct 04

Apple's "Let's talk iPhone" streaming live in 1 and half hours

Posted by msbodetti in tim cook , Steve Jobs , ModMyI , iphone 5 , iPhone 4S , iPhone , IOS , Engadget , Apple


I haven't blogged in ages because I have been waiting impatiently for the launch or debut for the next generation iPhone. And here it is :)

Jun 08

iCloud beta 4.3.3 hands on - This is my next

Posted by msbodetti in iTunes , iPhone , IOS , icloud


I just watched the hands on video from This is my next people who are currently attending the Apple June 2011 WWDC and I thought I'd share it with you. They preview the iCloud beta on iOS 4.3.3, it looks really good!

May 31

Pocahontas and the web app

Posted by Mobile Kugel in web app , Symbian , south africa , software , platforms , operating systems , native app , mobile , michael calore , marketing , IOS , internet , hybrid , HTML5 , global intellegence alliance , gadgets , Data , conversion rate , appstore , appstore , application , android

Mobile Kugel

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word ‘native’?

Apr 30

Goodbye Open-Source

Posted by Faheemazizm in Windows , OS , Open-Source , Linux , IOS , android


When I was younger, the idea of Open-Source and free intrigued me, however after much usage and exposure, the truth is, while the idea just like Communism stands for the greated good and better of man, in practice it fails, it fails so bad.

Apr 27

Android is Socialist. Apple is Capitalist.

Posted by Mobile Kugel in xcode , south africa , socialist , Smartphone , open handset alliance , JAVA , IOS , ideos , google android app inventor , Google , Data , capitalist , blackberry , Bandwidth , android , africa

Mobile Kugel

I was talking to my sister the other day, the one that resembles a kichel. She was asking me what the difference is between all the phones that are on the market.

Feb 18

Navv South Africa for the iPhone Review

Posted by za5 in south africa , review , Navv South Africa , Navv GPS , Navv , iPhone , IOS


Up until a year or so ago there weren't any GPS turn-by-turn apps for the iPhone. Back then Google Maps didn't have detailed street maps of South Africa, so if you wanted to use your iPhone to find an address or use it as a GPS you were buggered. Since then Google has updated it's South Africa maps which in some major areas includes street view and a number of GPS turn-by-turn apps have appeared in the South African app store. People might at first recognise the TomTom and Garmap brands in the app store but there are other good less know and better priced apps available, Navv South Africa is one of them.


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