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Dec 02

Health tips for gamers

Posted by rabbit1986 in pc gaming , pc , lifestyle , healthy gaming , Health , gaming tips


So if you are like any serious gamer, a session can stretch for multiple hours if not an entire day. This of course places some strain on the human body which lets face it has not evolved to be able to sit in front of a blinking screen all day with only minimal hand and arm movement "could evolution speed up already." Due to this fact allot of my friends and myself in the past always made sure to have some mechanisms in place to see us through the worst of it (mostly around the 12th time that sniper shot you from the other side of the map *%#!) These mechanisms can include a large bag of crisps, at least 2 litres of coke (don't forget the ice). Meals are substituted for a slice of toast, chocolate bar, bowl of cereal (no matter the time of day), or even my favourite delivery pizza for those who have not spent all their money already on some piece of gaming.

Nov 08

Vegetable Based Protein Sources versus Animal Protein Sources

Posted by ands_pav_nic in vitamin b12 , vegetable based protein sources , vegan protein , spinach , soybeans , quinoa , omega 3 , nuts , lentils , Health , beans


I’m often asked, as a vegan, where I get my protein from.

Jun 14

Why you are overweight!?

Posted by JeannyWessels in wellness , weight loss , supplements , overweight , nutrition , lifestyle , Health , diet



Mar 09

Don't make your bed curry head

Posted by thenack in tobasco , thenack , sneeze , Skin , sheets , mytes , motivation , metabolism , Health , energy , curry , chilli , bed , allergy


House dust mites are microscopic eight-legged creatures that live in vast numbers in warm, moist places like your sofa, curtains and carpets (and your nice snuggely duvet, sexy). They feed on flakes of your skin, fingernails and hair. 

If you could get CSI in every now and then to warn you of any hair or skin particles you could starve them. Vacuuming may help clear up dead dust mites, but the living burrow into fabric and escape being sucked up. Now, the dust mites themselves won’t cause problems to your health, but their body parts and excrement contain an allergenic protein that can cause sneezing, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, breathing problems and asthma. goggakak is sleg vir jou chomma.

To get rid of these unwanted guests:

Dec 21

A wreath of Garlic and Beetroot?

Posted by DBS in Health


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