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Oct 24

Climate Change versus Employment

Posted by Jawellnofine in opinion , money , Government , employment , employment , Democracy , capitalism


Oct 12

Freedom of Speech Censure

Posted by Jawellnofine in viewpoint , speech , politics , opinion , media , Government , freemdom , censure



Oct 10

Census 2011: The New Paranoia in South Africa

Posted by Jawellnofine in walled residences , united nations , TAX , social , political , patriach , leadership , immigration , Government , census



Jul 26

Governments embracing social media

Posted by Nasreen in wikipedia , Twitter , social media , russia , ontario , minister of research and innovation , Linkedin , Government , glen murray , Facebook , dmitri medvedev , crowdsourcing , crowdsourced wiki


Social media has become an essential part of how we interact with our friends, community and even run our cities and countries. Governments are starting to take serious notice and incorporate social media into their own day-to-day actions.

Jul 25

Presidencies and iPads

Posted by GeraldineKent in sustainability , mashable , Jacob Zuma , ipad , internet acces , Government , digital technology


I just finished reading this article  on Mashable and some interesting ideas came to mind.

“While the Internet is no longer a “Wild West,” people in power are still trying to figure out how best to approach online communities and their social tools. There may not be any clear answers, but social is certainly not going to go away.

There are nearly infinite ways that governments are using social media. Help us add to the conversation by sharing your own insights in the comments below. How have you seen governments, large and small, use social media? What could be done better?”

Jun 07

Computer games and good governance

Posted by flytrap in simcity , Government , Games , computer


One of the jobs I do to stay alive in the seasonal seaside village that is my home is to drive staff for a local Homecare company. This happens every morning and evening at 6:30 and involves a certain amount of creative obstacle avoidance as I navigate the township to find "my girls". I always say children, chickens, dogs and drunks and, of course, potholes.

May 30

Teacher save me, please. Teacher save the world, please.

Posted by GeraldineKent in UN , tanzania , sustainability , south africa , schools , schooling , sarah mcgregor , primary education , millennium development goals , mdg's , mdg , ips news , human right , Government


This week's blog post will look at The Millennium Development Goal number 2, which is as follows:

Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education

Target 2A: By 2015, all children can complete a full course of primary schooling, girls and boys

o    Enrolment in primary education
o    Completion of primary education
o    Literacy of 15-24 year olds, female and male

May 23

Democracy is not (just) about casting a vote.

Posted by flytrap in voting , politics , Government , Democracy


I managed to keep from commenting on the elections by virtue of the fact that my computer went bang and I have a bad 'flu. The discussions in the vehicle at night post-election make it hard to stay quiet. The discussions can get heated, but I encourage the girls (the caregivers I drive to their shifts) to exercise their Democratic right to express their opinions and to think their way through the politics to see the truth.

Apr 13

“My ex still views my profile, who views yours?”

Posted by Khatija in Twitter , surveillance , stalking , Social networks , profile viewer , privacy , new media law , new media ethics , , Government , Facebook , Control , blog , applications


Apr 12


Posted by GeraldineKent in university degree , tree hugger , technology , sustainability south africa , sustainability , south africa , rhodes university , Research , poverty , politics , patriot , ngo , New Media , matriculation , Journalism , humanity , history , hippie , Government , global warming , environment , Education , economics , digital media , development , culture , community , activist , Accessibility , 2012


First things first… I am not a hippie. I am not a tree-hugger. I am not a political activist. I am just a Journalism student, who has a keen interest in History, Politics and humanity’s incredible ability to ruin all the good stuff about this planet of ours.

I am a cynic. I am critical. I do believe that we can use history and past mistakes to fix the present and secure a better future. Global warming - I think I believe it exists. The apocalypse of 2012 – I’m rooting for that to be real, for it to be a cleansing session for our world. South Africa – I’m a true patriot at heart but very aware of this country’s flaws and inability to solve crises.

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