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Jan 09

Is Google Becoming Useless?

Posted by OS GIKEN in YouTube , Twitter updates , Twitter , SEO , Search Results , Google Search , Google , Facebook , Adverts


I've been on Twitter for a minute now, and I'm following a diverse group of people, from sports stars to Hip Hop heads to IT crowd guys...and @StaffordMassie posted something very intriguing. He posted an article that peered into the uselessness of Google...It read's something like this:

Google is also a synonym for 666.
Google is taking over everyone's lives.
Google only gives SEO'd searches, which can sometimes be useless.

in Google's defense, it's a business, the US of A has a bad habbit of expecting companies that rake in billions to all of a sudden ad a sympathy clause to its mandate! They say Google has become useless because of the search results that it feeds...these results are 90% of the time results that have nothing to do with the topic or it has added advertisments that really just take up your time and your data...

Google has helped me through varsity and for that alone I will happily be a Google fiend till the end of time, which is next year if we go by the Mayan calander and folklore-galore! SEOing has nothing to do with put a couple good words in your opperation (search "Top 10 SEO words") and you'll be on the top 5 search results in no time...ok its not that easy but you get the jist (another word I've learnt while being on my sebatical,  also another new word I've learnt).

In short, no, or a resounding, hell no Stafford, Google will and cannot be useless, never, everyone who's everyone in this world uses Google on the daily subconciously, everyone, when wanting information, uses Google, the people wanting and the people feeding information, all of them use Google to interact and exchange this information!

FaceBook and Twitter are social mediums for people to keep tabs on one another's doings, Twitter has evolved to a on the go news channel...but it will never really out-do Google...Its just one of those, say something bad about Google topics that just got alot of people thinking, thinking and thinking and then all of them or us or we made our minds up and said, heck no, we need Google, even with its adverts, we still need it!

On the otherhand, what the hell is going on with YouTube and its involuntary adverts playing in your screen?

OS over and out...Google, love it or hate it, you all know you need it!

Nov 12

CIPRO de-registers more companies that miss return deadline Companies that miss October deadline to

Posted by ikarolia in TAX , Organisations , MWeb , Linkedin , Jozi , IGoogle , Google Translate review , Google Translate , Google Search , Friends , Freedom of Speech , Freedom of Expression , Facebook profile , Discovery , Disappointments , DEREGISTRATION , Department , Cover-up , Consultant , CIPRO , BEE beneficiary , BEE , affliate marketing , ACCOUNTS , 3GS , 3G Network Coverage , 3D sound , 2010 Playmate of the Year , 2010 FiFA World Cup is Social Media ready , 2009 , 2.9mm , 2.6GHz , 1580l , 11 February 1990 , 10cm dilated , 1000 road deaths every month , 0888 888 888 , .ZA , .COM , #WWDC2010


 The Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPRO) has announced today that more companies and close corporations will be deregistered should they not comply with lodging annual returns.

Dec 04

Internet, Sped Up (Controlled) by Google

Posted by Toaster in Google Search


As part of its on going effort to make the internet better (i.e. control it) Google has recently released their new, free Public DNS service. Google slates the service as one that will not only make your browsing faster but also more secure.

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