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Sep 16

Creation vs Evolution: The Two Faiths!

Posted by thenack in religion , God , evolutionfaith , dawkins , darwin , Creationscienc , answersingenesis


Here is a cartoon about the Evolution vs Inteligent Design debate:

Sep 06

Oh my God of War!

Posted by DevilTrigger in War , overrated , of , kratos , hype , God


I've finally managed to purchase a new game after whats been a gaming sabbatical for me, due to a disturbing cash shortage. Things have stabilized somewhat, but unfortunately not enough to buy a new next gen console just yet, so I've been plucking at the last remaining fruits of the aging PS2 tree. I decided to purchase God of War 2, seeing as the series has got nothing but universal praise from just about everywhere and everyone, and by Zeus, am I disappointed after playing it. The graphics are great for a PS2 game, the story is very interesting and set against some excellent Greek mythology, the combat is fast paced and brutal, and the puzzles that lie in between the huge bosses and set pieces are good enough to break the pace of constant button mashing. That all sounds great, so why am I dissapointed? Heres why:

Aug 26

Dear Atheists

Posted by thenack in thenack , religipn , God , evolution , creation , atheists


I often find that your run of the mill atheists really haven't thought things through. I suppose that is true of most people, but I thought I would explain in simple terms, what being a modern atheist really means. So we start out by defining and atheist as somebody who denighs the existance of a god.

This prompted the question, well, if god didn't do it, where did the universe come from, I mean why does the universe exist? The best and most up to date answer from world leading atheists is: nothing exploded and created everything. Yip, you see how they replaced God created everything with nothing created everything? Aparently according to atheists it is easier and cleverer to believe nothing did it than God.
Moving on to how life was created. Atheists, and this is really what they believe, the smartest and bestests like richard Dawkins believes that after nothing exploded and created everything (all dead matter that is), the rocks and water that made up earth got lucky and ended up in a nice, well freakishly perfect spot. It started to rain on the rocks, and the rocks disolved, and basically ... Life. Something about lightning and rocks and rain. Thats is serioulsy as far as their "scientific"argument goes.
Thus far we have nothing exploding, making rocks, rocks getting lucky, rocks getting wet, rock sludge getting .......(fit favourite fantasy) magically transformed in living rocks. WOW. now that is what I call science!

Then the living rock chemicals were lucky again. It turns out there was a boy and a girl chemical-gogga, and there were other dumb chemical-goggas to eat, (they also got lucky but a little less), and they had gogga babies because they were lcuky enough to know how to do stuff and what to do. Then after a billion years and a lot of lucky, the rock-soup-goggas had somehow mutated into humans. The end.

I do not have enough faith to believe that nothing exploded, created everything, that got lucky, got shocked, got somehow alive with food and sex and got to be einstein in a gazillion years.
I believe in the beginning was God, and then we can build a propper story with less lightning and luck and nothing becoming everything and such nonsens.

Be Motivated, Make Money

May 14

Atheists (whatever) prepare to be humiliated

Posted by thenack in sakkie spannenberg , religion , philosophy , licona , lane craig , hansie wolmarans , God , Christianity , atheism


Wednesday marked a somewhat historic moment in South African history with the first (that I know of) internation philosophical formal public debate between Christians and atheist/naturalists.

South Africans in general are lazy thinkers and also lazy communicators. Whe are not used to these types of debates, but they are quite popular internationally, and even part of election campaigns. You have to know your stuff or you will be humiliated. Of course, with african politics lying and shouting will always get you of the hook, nê Malema. That is, however, not the point.

The two sides in the debate were Dr William Lane Craig ( ) and Dr Michael Licona (ex TUKS which went up against prof Sakkie Spannenberg ( and Prof Hansie Wolmarans (( of the new reformation movement.

The topic of the debate was:

A. Did the writers of the New Testament want their readers to understand with that Jesus rose physically from the dead?

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