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Jun 09

Yahoo now piggybacking on Facebook?

Posted by ShackledMuse in zynga , yahoo pulse , yahoo , social media , mxit , Google , Gmail , flickr , Facebook



You might recall my earlier articles regarding the Yahoo vs GMail, and Yahoo piggyingbacking on Nokia while Apple takes the lead. I don't hate Yahoo, really I don't. I'll admit it's not my first preference, I'm not particularly fond of Yahoo. You have to admire their resilience though... Still putting up the fine fight to move out of second place and overtake Google.

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May 22

Hotmail: The 4th wave is upon us....

Posted by ShackledMuse in YouTube , wave 4 , Twitter , MSN , mobile web , hotmail , Gmail , Facebook , email


Hotmail VS Gmail

Hotmail is adding a lot of sparkly bits to their mail experience.  In the upcoming weeks beta testing will commence and we'll see a lot of changes, according to Microsoft. Operation: Wave 4. Its going to be tight squeeze to fit the launch in before Yahoo gets started with all the upgrades they promised too.

May 13

WTF brought to you by Gmail

Posted by riiaan in WTF , Gmail


WTF brought to you by Gmail

Going through my email I saw that instead of displaying an advert as usual, Gmail displayed a tip:

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