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Aug 09

Who needs a controller when you have limbs?

Posted by fastforward in xbox 360 , Xbox , Wii , video games , TV , sony , playstation move , playstation , nintendo , motion , microsoft , Kinect , Gaming , Games , facial recognition , Control


Jun 30

Gears of War 3 hype heating up

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , Vault , Gears of War 3 , Gaming


Epic studios, the developers of Gears of War 3, are taking full advantage of the excitement (and hype) that is growing around the new Gears of War game.

Jun 23

Gamification gaining Klout

Posted by Ryc0v in Twitter , specialist , ryc0v , New Media , Linkedin , level up , klout , Gaming , gamification , Facebook , BBC


Hey all, Been a while since I last wrote, exams and the like took up some time.

Some of you may have noticed in the absence between this and my last post, that Gamification has really picked up and been caught on the global radar, with BBCNews even offering an explanation of it, and a brief rationale as to why it might be successfully implemented. So, now that I've given myself a cyber pat-on-the-back for predicting the trend, I'd like to move along to an interesting little "semi-gamified" social networking tool.

It's called Klout and it, with your blessing, accesses your varying social networking sites to form an analysis of your importance, prestige, style and how much of an effect you have on what your fellow networked users use. Giving you interesting titles and achievements as it does so!


May 30

PS3 successor announced

Posted by irfaan46 in successor , sony , ps4 , PS3 , playstation , platform , ngp , masaru , kato , Gaming , e3 , development , console


Apr 20

How to train your boyfriend: The game

Posted by Darranged in Gaming , Game


Well, it was only a matter of time before such a title was introduced to gamers, and to be honest, can blame the developers?

Apr 19

Care for a touch of class with your leet skills sir?

Posted by Darranged in Gaming


Remember the Neo Geo Arcade System? You don't? Well it was awesome and ahead of its time, I can assure you of that. While there are always a few of these lurking around on the internet, Analogue Interactive have decided to give the console a touch of elegance.


Apr 19

Play angry, play hard, play it with six arms

Posted by Darranged in Gaming , Games , Game Development


The upcoming action/adventure game Asura's Wrath is shaping up to be quite a bit of fun, but the developers behind it want gamers to do more than have an enjoyable experience. They want them to play it as angrily as possible.

Feb 16

Xbox 360 + Kinect

Posted by Charmed in xbox 360 , PS3 , Kinect Adventures , Kinect , Gaming , Fighters Uncaged , Dance Evolution


I can't remember the last time I wrote a gaming blog post, but since then, we've upgraded a few things. We have an Xbox and PS3 (I prefer the Xbox), and a 46" LED TV, which is beyond awesome. I'm now watching total garbage on the E! Entertainment channel just because it looks good. Sad, I know.

Feb 04

More amazing technological (medical) advances

Posted by Dissol in Virtual Autopsy , Haptic Touch , Graphics cards , Gaming , Digital Advances



Oct 04

handheld gaming addiction

Posted by Charmed in Tetris Party Deluxe , Nintendo DSi XL , nintendo , handheld , Gaming , addiction


When I was given a review unit of the Nintendo DSi XL earlier this year at the media launch, I honestly could never have predicted I'd use it as much as I do now. Well, since receiving Tetris Party Deluxe.

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