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Dec 05

The Forza is with them!

Posted by automatix in Xbox , Simulator , simulation , review , racing , motorsport , Game , forza , 360


Since my very brief review of Skyrim seemed to illicit a reasonable response, I figured I might as well fuel the gaming fire, by submitting my take on the best racing game ever made. Oh, sorry, I was meant to save that for the closing paragraph, but I've never been very good at this writing thing.

May 30

Gamification and Education: Escapist Magazine (Part 2)

Posted by Ryc0v in xp , world war 2 , teaching , ryc0v , life long learning , gamification , Game , France , four square , exp , escapist magazine , Education , Designer


As I wrote back on the 11th, Escapist Magazine has put together a short video trying to inspire and explain some gamification concepts within the education field. 

My previous article explained some incentives and bonuses that this approach could garner, with teamwork bringing about class bonuses, and even modifiers to your "experience points" (essentially a less punitive gauge of course perf0rmance).

Before I continue with this however, I thought it might be interesting to mention that several leading Game Designers despise gamification totally, believing that subverting

Apr 20

How to train your boyfriend: The game

Posted by Darranged in Gaming , Game


Well, it was only a matter of time before such a title was introduced to gamers, and to be honest, can blame the developers?

Jun 01

My poor Medulla Oblongata

Posted by riiaan in Suffering Medulla Oblongatas , review , Game , Dead to Rights


This is an actual conversation I had with my brain:

Apr 28

Review of 'The Saboteur' Review

Posted by riiaan in Xbox , The Saboteur , review , Game


Review of 'The Saboteur' review

I had the pleasure to review the game The Saboteur for Originally I only played Saboteur for a short while before writing the review; now after playing the game for a few months it is time to review my review.

Apr 03

I am a Samsung slut

Posted by The Source in service , Samsung , lg , Game , brooklyn

The Source


Mar 12

Review: Mile High Pinball

Posted by riiaan in review , N-Gage , Mobile Gaming , Mile High Pinball , Game

Mobile Game Review - Mile High Pinball

Review: Mile High Pinball

In that movie ‘Last Action Hero’ the bad guy asks Arnold Schwarzenegger – “What do you know about pain?” Play Mile High Pinball and you will know all about pain. This version of pinball is different from other pinball games. The idea is not to get the highest score possible, but to reach the top of the tower. When you shoot the ball out the top of the screen you advance to a higher level. If you miss the ball and it goes out the bottom, you drop back a level. You can play the entire afternoon going up levels, make one small mistake and then watch helplessly as your ball plunge down level after level after level after … It is very painful. And don’t think it is easy to shoot the ball to the top of screen, the developers, who must all be Satanists, made it devilishly hard to get the ball to the top. Obstructions have been carefully placed to block your way to the top. Your timing must be perfect. To make things interesting, there are bosses to fight, secret levels to find, medallions to collect and superpowers to use. All in all, this is a great game and you will have to work hard to get to the top of the tower and finish the game.

Verdict - Buy!

Mile High Pinball Review

Mar 10

Last year's news: Halo 3

Posted by riiaan in review , Halo 3 , Game


Halo Title

Way back in the day when Microsoft got interested in joining the video game console market they bought a little studio called Bungie that was working on some game called Halo. Nobody has ever heard of Halo, but in time Halo became a huge success spawning many more Halo sequels, books, comics and nearly a movie directed by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame.

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