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Jan 11

OMG - where has the time gone?

Posted by sgb in time , Leap Second , GPS


A second here, a second there. An it all adds up, as the International Telecommunications Union (ICU)  votes to abolish the 'Leap Second'. (Leap second could be abolished - The Telegraph, 11 January 2012).

Jul 10

And the TomTom winner is.....

Posted by ShackledMuse in tom tom , Navigation , maps , Lost , GPS , google maps , driving


I'm about to share the most embarrassing tale of my life to date. The humiliation is so painful, I'm only going to submit one entry...

Feb 26

THAT woman's sense of direction

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , Smartphone , mydigitallife , My Digital Life , mobile device , htc , GPS , gadget


A friend of mine gave me an HTC X7500. Its like a mini laptop and cell phone combined. REALLY nice little gift, and it comes with all the little apps one would expect from a windows mobile 5 device. A great little tool for "on the go" quotes and emails. You do need to trick it into thinking its software certificates are up to date to continue using MSN though, but that is another story for another day when I feel like bashing Microsoft.

Feb 03

No more free voice navigation GPS

Posted by barrmar in TomTom , Nav4All , GPS , Cell phone GPS , aMaze


Just over two years ago I downloaded aMaze GPS and used it on my Nokia N95. A few months later, aMaze offered a new version of the program and aMaze became almost unusable. 

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