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Nov 12

CIPRO de-registers more companies that miss return deadline Companies that miss October deadline to

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 The Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPRO) has announced today that more companies and close corporations will be deregistered should they not comply with lodging annual returns.

Apr 11

love limericks

Posted by Flycatchr in [grrr] , poetry , love , limerick , Friends


Please use your imagination when reading, and enjoy:

Your clutch of breasts a sight to behold

Feb 13

BFF Rita V

Posted by MizElle in sad , love , Friends , family , airport


A very good friend of mine from London came to visit family and friends a couple of weeks ago. Today I met up with her at the airport to say Hi and Bye.

We worked together in Richardsbay a couple of years ago and at first we could not stand each other. She was a senior and I was a junior techie in a strange and exiting new world. I dont know whether she saw me as competition, as she was very popular amongst the workers, or maybe she saw me as young and stupid, anyway, soon enough we became very good friends. Who could not adore me?

We had grown so close in the 2 years we worked together, that we were almost never apart, going out together, having sleep overs, going to the movies, shopping etc.
I really love Rita, my big sister. She fell pregnant from her husband after they split up, and he decided to move to JHB. In the meantime, I found a great job in Durban and I moved. She then decided to pack up and leave to go and work in London.

She found a very good job, and they have paid for her studies. She is happy there, and she is very fortunate to have found such a great career, I know that she is working hard to support her child, as her ex is not paying maintenance. Its just so sad to know that her daughter stays behind, though I know that she is going to apply for residency so that her daughter could go and stay with her.

It was so sad seeing her little girl cry cause mommy's leaving and her mom crying because time is so precious to all of us, and I know that she wishes her daughter to move back to SA.I have missed my friend so much, we are like sisters, and even just seeing her for a couple of hours was so worth the tears i cried when she hugged and kissed me good bye...

Rita my dear friend, I love you lots and I will be missing you, as always... Pixie

Feb 03

My relationship with Facebook and Twitter

Posted by barrmar in Twitter , Friends , Facebook


I have a Facebook account. There are a few links to people that I know. Most of the time my Facebook account is neglected and lonely. It is neglected. I don't log in on a daily (or even weekly) basis and I don't update my status or join in all the strange games that people are playing there. 

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