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May 30

Gamification and Education: Escapist Magazine (Part 2)

Posted by Ryc0v in xp , world war 2 , teaching , ryc0v , life long learning , gamification , Game , France , four square , exp , escapist magazine , Education , Designer


As I wrote back on the 11th, Escapist Magazine has put together a short video trying to inspire and explain some gamification concepts within the education field. 

My previous article explained some incentives and bonuses that this approach could garner, with teamwork bringing about class bonuses, and even modifiers to your "experience points" (essentially a less punitive gauge of course perf0rmance).

Before I continue with this however, I thought it might be interesting to mention that several leading Game Designers despise gamification totally, believing that subverting

Apr 19

Hi Jacob

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Jun 22


Posted by DevilTrigger in SWC , south africa , France


"I have good news and bad news!", said an official looking man, staring at the lottery ticket in his hand. "The good news is, this is the winning ticket. You have just won one million dollars."   The man who stood in front of him, being the owner of the ticket, let out a cry of delight and dropped to his knees. 

Jun 18

Bafana Bafana can still get through ...

Posted by barrmar in World Cup 2010 , south africa , France , bafana bafana


The opening round of the World Cup is a round robin. 1 point is awarded for a draw, 3 points for a win, nothing for a loss. So far, Uruguay and Mexico have 4 points each, South Africa and France 1 point each. 

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